United Power Research Technology Corporation

United Power Research Technology Corporation has focused its business solely on manufacturing high efficiency Handheld Spectrometer for a wide variety of commercial applications such as LED manufacturer, monitor display maker, Cinema industrial and Agriculture filed. UPRtek Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHISON Corp., the world’s largest IC controller designer Inheriting PHISON’s expertise in IC design, and rigorous quality control processes, UPRtek integrated capabilities from optic extensive value-added modules and light engines as product portfolio; to offer leading-age measurement solutions to the lighting customers.

handheld spectrometer, UPRtek

United Power Research Technology Corporation (UPRtek) entered the field of optics and spectrum research in 2011 with strong integration ability on optical, mechanical and electronic product design. United Power Research Technology Corporation (UPRtek) is committed to provide the customer with the high quality handheld spectrometers and best services. UPRtek designed handheld spectrometers are applying in many industries not only LED lighting manufacturer but also academic research, photographers, horticulture, aquariums, and monitor productions. The handheld spectrometers that UPRtek designed concept is 『All in One – One in All』. Users may accord the needs to apply the flexible interface in different occasions and various applications.
The Main 5 Features of UPRtek Handheld Spectrometers
1. Lightweight and easy to carry, handheld spectrometer makes impossible to possible.
2. Standalone and no need PC connection, measure the light as you wish at anytime.
3. Intuitive user interface design, simple to use and makes professional data easy to learn.
4. Work with Google Play, APP Store Applications and SD storage catches the trend of the time.
5. Three easy steps to measure and get the measurement result in less than 5 second.
MK350 series handheld spectrometers can help you to inspect the LED light easily and to see what you expect.