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Handheld Spectrometer

CV600 Spectral Light Meter Uprtek

CV600 - All purpose Professional Cinematic and Photographic Light meter
It is not only a Light meter, but also a Color meter, Cine meter and Exposure meter
a quicker, more efficient measurements
for cinematographer, videographer, video makers, and film producers
to capture every life moment!

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CV600 icon New Design
target the needs of professional photographers
provide Advanced Features at work!
Filter Library, Flicker Free setup and get a right Exposure value
these New functions are helping you to face the challenges of setting up lights

Lighting is subjective, what we see is not always what we get.
Control the light intensity (LUX) and color of light (Color Temperature) effectively
and create a connection with your audience’s emotion

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The common used『White Balance Map』
for cinematographer and videographer
Now combined with modern technology
Just target your Corrected Color Temperature
Check your current lights and accurately pinpoint the right gel to use
CV600 helps you to control the light and increase the quality of work!

Filter Light Palette
Includes CC/LB
rosco, LEE Filter, Kodak, FUJIFILM
4 brands of filter library
to find the suitable color
Knowing exactly what gel to use
Save times to guess, trial and error.

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A cinematic light meter with an exposure meter
Save all of your camera settings along with Light
and Color information for your personal library.
Exposure Value Compensating
Make sure every shoot are always correctly exposed

Object is moving fast
Light is emitted constantly
Camera is filming in every seconds
And Flicker happens!
Post production or reshooting are time consuming task
and not always easily repairable

Image Source:https://unsplash.com

CV600 built-in flicker free function
enable the setting between camera frame rate and light source frequency
to provide flicker-free shooting.


Sensor CMOS Linear Image Sensor
Wavelength Range 380 to 780 nm
Wavelength Data Increment 1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth Approximately 12 nm (Half Bandwidth)
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 1 nm (Input source must be a stable light source.)
Measurement Range 5 to 70,000 lx
Illuminance Accuracy Illuminant A @ 2,856 K at 20,000 lx (Temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50% or less.) ± 5%
Color Accuracy ± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y
Color Repeatability ± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y
CCT Accuracy ± 2%
CRI Accuracy @ Ra ± 1.5%
Stray Light -25 dB max. (Input the 550nm monochromatic light and measure the stray light ratio at 550nm ± 40nm.)
Integration Time Range 6 to 20,000 ms
Digital Resolution 16 bits
Measurement Range 5 to 70,000 lx
Sampling Rate 100k sample/sec
Frequency Range 5 to 50k Hz
Frequency Resolution 2 or 3 Hz
Flicker Accuracy ± 5%
Capture Function One time / Continuous
Operation Mode Standalone Mode / WiFi Mode (It can be connected to mobile phones and tablets.) /
USB Mode (MSC Mode (MSC- Mass Storage Class.))
Integration Mode Auto / Manual
Measuring Modes 1. Basic Mode
2. Spectrum Mode
3. CRI Mode 
4. Flicker Mode
5. Filter Mode
6. Exposure Mode
7. CIE 1931 / 1976 Chromaticity Mode
8. TM-30-15 Mode
9. Compare Mode
10. Browser Mode
11. Option Mode
Measuring Capabilities 1. Illuminance (LUX) / Foot Candle (fc)
2. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
3. CIE Chromaticity Coordinates
(1) CIE 1931 x,y Coordinates
(2) CIE 1976 u',v' Coordinates
4. Delta uv (Duv)
5. Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra) / R1 to R15
6. Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)
7. TM-30-15 (Rf, Rg, Color Vector Graphic)
8. Flicker Frequency
9. Percent Flicker
10. Flicker Index
11. LB/CC Filter
(1) Light Balancing Filter (LBf)
(2) Color Correction Filter (CCf)
(3) Light Balancing Index (LBi)
(4) Color Correction Index (CCi)
12. Exposure
(1) Shutter Priority (T Mode)
(2) Aperture Priority (F Mode)
(3) Shutter / Aperture Priority (TF Mode)
(4) Exposure Value (EV Mode)
13. Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) mW/m2
14. Peak Wavelength (λp)
15. Peak Wavelength Value (λpV)
16. Intergration Time (I-Time)
System Configurations
Display 3.5" 320X240 Resistive Touch LCD
Max. Files ≒ 69,000 Files @ 8GB SD Card (Excel + JPG)
Battery Operation Time ≦ 5 hours / Fully Charged 
Power Adapter; 2500 mAh (3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)
Data Output Interface SD Card (SD2.0,SDHC/up to 32G) /
Mini USB Port (USB 2.0) /
WiFi SD Card compatible with iOS and Android
Data Format Compatible Excel / JPG 
Dimensions 147.5 x 78 x 24 mm (H x W x D)
Weight (with Battery) 225 g ± 10 g
Operating Temperature /
0 to 35 ℃,
relative humidity 70% or less without condensation
Storage Temperature /
-10 to 40 ℃,
relative humidity 70% or less without condensation
Display languages English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Spanish / German / French / Italian / Russian
Cosine Correction  

The company reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without prior notice.

Optional Accessory

Applicable Industry

LED Screens
LED Professionals
Road and Traffic
Marine Biology