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UPRtek Spectrometer Application sort by Category

UPRtek has focused its business solely on manufacturing high efficiency Handheld Spectrometer for a wide variety of commercial applications such as LED manufacturer, monitor display maker, Cinema industrial and Agriculture filed and more. Light is widely used in life. However, the application of handheld spectrometers in different fields is unknown but continues to expand. On this “Category” page, UPRtek targets different kind of application field and interview actual users of handheld spectrometer one after the other, hope these different industries’ experiences may help you discover a new application solution.

  • Academics Research

    Did you, like me, ever thought of "how did light come from?" When you start learning about how to produce light, you may find that light is not only contains electrons, energies, photons, and many mathematic computation. Producing light also involving colors, color temperature, illumination and spectrum ... and so on, this looks like simple but actually complex knowledge, as a teacher or either a student, you must try UPRtek well-designed hand-held spectrometer , Its design concept focuses on lightweight and easy to carry and easy to use interface. Therefore, UPRtek handheld spectrometer is being used at Universities and Colleges as an indispensible teaching tool, for understanding Light, Color and Physics.

  • Light and Agriculture

    Indoor Agriculture has been increasingly gaining interest as a means for plant assisted growth using artificial light. This has ramifications for supplemental food production during winter months, especially in regions with short days and reduced sunlight. This technology also has the commercial potential for ornamental plants as well and even perhaps for growing plants 24 hours / day. UPRtek PAR Meter is designed especially for plant growth application, it is using PAR (photo synthetically active radiation) that plants assisted growth with artificial light, and provides PPFD (Photosynthetic Photo Flux Density) measurement unit to help us to discover the research for plants grow and build up the plant growth system.

  • Health and Safety

    Light is essential to human life. Since the electronic technology is getting matured each day, people are using light for not only illumination but also applying it to medical, agriculture and store display...and so on. People now are having awareness about "light" which can be harmful and beneficial to vision as well as our health. Now you can use UPRtek Handheld Spectrometer to help you understand and analyze the characteristics of light, prevent damage from light more effectively and guard your health.

  • Lighting Designers

    In the old days, lighting intensity was often ignored, especially in offices and retail shops. People only started to care about the application of illumination to life after the lighting design industrial boom. For example, when do you usually replace your bulb at home or in the office? Most people replied when the bulb started to flash and made people uncomfortable. Therefore, As a lighting designer, you can use the UPRtek handheld spectrometer to help your customers understand light is not only driving out the darkness, light application is variety. Let UPRtek handheld spectrometer help you to expand more business opportunities.

  • LED Manufacturing

    What is the most concerned about being an LED manufacturer? Most likely, what consumers concerned about the most before purchase is also what manufacturers are most interested to know. Most consumers are tends to find a balance between price and quality before purchase, LED manufacturers are also faced with the same problem. The birth of the UPRtek handheld spectrometer has solved the problem for LED manufacturers. Before understanding how LED manufacturing is associated with UPRtek handheld spectrometers, let's briefly introduce the following three types of LED manufacturers.

  • LED Trading

    LEDs are cooler, energy efficient, last longer, shockproof, and are non toxic, and that's why LEDs are a billion dollar industry and growing. However, LEDs are based on semiconductors, which means that because the nature of the semiconductor materials, the light quality is like making a soufflé, your never quite how it's going to turn out. UPRtek provides you the best solution of handheld spectrometers to help you control the consistency of LEDs while trading LED.

  • LED Design and Research

    With regard to natural light, we usually think of sunlight, moonlight and even stars. Natural light is a type of lighting. It allows us to see things in the dark. I believe you will not deny that in fact, “light” is more than to describe it in terms of “light”! However, from the past, humans have also used candles, oil lamps, and light bulb these artificial lighting equipment, so we can see the needs of lighting are no longer limited by natural light. Nowadays, artificial lighting is walking on the road of LED. The LED can be designed as a candle or oil lamp and light bulb. On the other hand, the research results of LED energy saving are still continuing. Imaging, LED might be same like the natural light, no longer needs electricity to light it up! ? No Matter how the design and research of LEDs will being, one of the goals of the UPRtek handheld spectrometer is to assist these lighting designers and LED professionals to explore new discoveries that have never been seen before!

  • Visual Merchandising-How to Use Handheld Spectrometers

    Have you noticed that when you pass through the window of the department store, your eyes will always look at the model's body involuntarily(LUX Image Distribution); when you pass through the supermarket fruit display area, you will always stop and reach out to the colorful and bright fruits(CRI); even when you go through the same kind of store, you will always step into a spacious and bright store instead of the narrow dim one(LUX)? All this is the result of the elaborate design of the lighting designer. But because the type and quality of the lamps will directly affect the lighting display effect, how should the lighting designer control all the light source changes from design, lamp selection, layout and even case feedback? UPRtek's handheld spectrometer is definitely a good partner for your mission!

  • Marine Biology

    Do you feel excited or joyful when seeing red? Perhaps you also agree that human psychology affected by different colors. The various colors in our life come from the light, so, did you ever wonder if animals and plants on Earth also influenced by the artificial light sources? The following article will mention a little bit of the “color temperature” which is common used for light colors, and let us dive into the deep blue sea to see one of Japan’s coral feeding specialists, Eiji Myorin, uses UPRtek portable spectrometer for coral growing light design and comparison.

  • Theater Lighting

    What is the most impressive theater performance you had ever seen? Do you still remember the dialogue and the actor performed on the stage that touched your heart? The theater performances are full of dramatic acting and lighting effects. Audience is not just watching the arts of performing, which also includes the complex arts through the light effect that creates a scene of contrast, vigorous, beautiful ... and so on. According to Wikipedia's information, today we heard the theater art, mainly refers to the drama or theater these two words. Theatre was originally from theatron, it was the ladder area for audience from ancient Greek theater, meaning "a place to watch", and later became the meaning of the entire performance venue. Therefore, this article will explore the theater art which serving human eye but facing what kind challenges in the field of lighting design and how UPRtek handheld spectrometer extend the application to theater lighting.

  • Cinema Lighting

    Cinema lighting, as most professionals will agree, is one of the most exacting yet subjective aspects of film/video in movies, TV and commercial advertising. Nothing comes easy with lighting - a video shoot for a simple living room scene may have 10 or more lights. These lights may be of different types (e.g. LED, incandescent) and from different brands, with different brightness levels and subtle differences in color. In such a high-pressure working environment, the lighting designer and gaffer are not only thinking how to present a scene with artistic effect, but also need to accord the test results from light meter, exposure meter and even the color temperature meter to test and adjust the light over and over again…UPRtek CV600, the All purpose Professional Cinematic and Photographic Light meter combines all functions with the latest spectral technology, let CV600 face this difficult challenge with you.

  • Display Calibration

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about display? Is there any relative between UPRtek and display technology? The rapid technology development powering the display on your TV screens and even your mobile phone displays. You must be surprised when every time a display manufacturer announces the newest innovative display technologies. More colors, more pixels, bigger and thinner, even curved or folding screens…, all you needed is the driving force behind the display technology - MK550T handheld spectroradiometer.


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