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UPRtek Flicker meter help to fight flicker
UPRtek Flicker meter help to fight flicker

Flicker is the problem certain lights have, exhibiting a subtle pulsating or strobing effect, most of the time barely noticeable by the human eye - however, more organizations are paying attention to flicker because it is being implicated in triggering a host of health related issues such as epilepsy attacks, migraines, fatigue, reduced visual task performance, distraction and visual impairment.

Do you see the invisible problem of flicker? UPRtek - the handheld spectrometer manufacturer cares the issue that most normally ignored, therefore, UPRtek designed a Flicker meter, add Flicker measurement functions to the new generations and invite all lighting experts increase the lighting quality for new LED lights.

The root cause of Flicker
The source of this problem is the power current, particularly a conflict with the mains (from the outlet) and the power supply (of the light). Dimmers also induce or increase flicker. All lights running on AC power have this problem to a certain degree. Fluorescent lights had long been most criticized for high flicker before more recent advances.
LED has Flicker Problem
Now LEDs are also beginning to exhibit the same symptoms. LEDs further complicate the issue with their changing power needs that come with temperature fluctuations. LEDs should be equipped with what is called an LED driver. It sits between the power supply of the light and the light itself. It's main function is to regulate or maintain a constant voltage to the LED - a well designed driver will adequately mitigate the problems of flicker. If an LED is equipped with components for other types of lights (e.g. transformers), this will also cause flicker problems.
Flicker Standard
State and Light Energy agencies are already beginning to address this serious problem with draft regulations in progress. The Russian government, after reviewing exhaustive studies, has implemented a ban on LED devices with high flicker rates. Organizations such as Energy Star, IEC, IEEE, EPA are all considering Flicker standards at the time of this writing on 02/2014.
MF250N Handheld Flicker Meter
The new released product MF250N Flicker Meter on 2015 and the product of 2016 IES Progress Report selected by  Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, is also supporting Flicker Index, Percent Flicker, Flicker time, frequency domain and spectrum real time monitoring, which are meeting IES / ASSIST / ENERGY STAR / VESA specification definition to assist you to fight Flicker effectively.
Flicker Handbook
UPRtek set the goal to provide the 1st flicker measurement handbook and to be the pioneer of educating the market to get a better understanding of flicker. UPRtek had consulted with panel manufacturers, lighting designers, lighting engineers and some international standard members of flicker measuring; it took almost one year for data collection, writing and design for the flicker educational material. In December 2016, UPRtek officially releases the newest Flicker Handbook for our readers, we hope it can help to understand flicker more and then control the flicker, at last get rid of the harm from it.
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