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LED Design and Research

Handheld spectrometer application for LED Design and Research
Handheld spectrometer application for LED Design and Research

Speaking of natural lights, we normally refer it to sunlight, moonlight or even starlight. Light is the brightness that lets us see things in the dark and I believe you will not deny that light actually contains more than this.

After artificial lights created, natural lights no longer limited human life. For example, artificial lights make a factory running for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Technology produced categories of artificial lights, and applying it to specific field to discover more possibilities around us.

UPRtek LED design and research application 2

Looking back the history of artificial lights, artificial lighting designer they are trying to improve the next generation light become energy efficient, longer life span, cooler, shockproof and non-toxic. However, LED light quality and color can be quite unpredictable. Therefore, light measurement equipments are important to make the lighting designer's job easier.

Here is an actual experience for a LED heat sink research using MK350 that discovers more of light.

Performance of Light Emitting Diode on Surface Machined Heat Sink
S. Shanmugan*, D. Mutharasu, O. Zeng Yin Nano Optoelectronics Research Laboratory, School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), 11800, Minden, Pulau Penang, Malaysia.

UPRtek LED design and research application 3

UPRtek LED design and research application 4

Heat Sink Design Research
University researchers have already conducted experiments using the MK350 to uncover optimal designs for LED heat sinks to minimize LED light and color degradation over time.

Publish or Perish
University Professors and Lighting Designers write books about lighting both from a design perspective and from teaching perspective. The MK350 is a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to otherwise expensive, bulky equipment that must be borrowed or rented.

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