Lighting Industry Application

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People only started to care about the application of illumination to life after the lighting design industrial boom.

Because the type and quality of the lamps will directly affect the lighting display effect, how should the lighting designer control all the light source changes from design, lamp selection, layout and even case feedback? Let’s take a look at how UPRtek’s handheld spectrometers help designers meet the needs of different scenes.

As a lighting designer, you can use the UPRtek handheld spectrometer to help your customers understand light is not only driving out the darkness, light application is variety. Let UPRtek handheld spectrometer help you to expand more business opportunities.

Lighting Designers

Lighting Design and Installation, Light Source LUX Distribution, Light Color Rendering Index

In the old days, lighting intensity was often ignored, especially in offices and retail shops. People only started to care about the application of illumination to life after the lighting design industrial boom. For example, when do you usually replace your bulb at home or in the office?

Theater Lighting

Theater Light Sources Design, Theater Dimming System, LED Color Temperature Controller

What is the most impressive theater performance you had ever seen? Do you still remember the dialogue and the actor performed on the stage that touched your heart? The theater performances are full of dramatic acting and lighting effects. Audience is not just watching the

Cinema Lighting

Cinematography Light Measurement, TV Color Quality inspection, Light Source and Movie Production

Cinema lighting, as most professionals will agree, is one of the most exacting yet subjective aspects of film/video in movies, TV and commercial advertising. Nothing comes easy with lighting - a video shoot for a simple living room scene may have 10 or more lights.

The Spectrometer in Visual Merchandising

Architectural Lighting Design, Use Lighting for Atmosphere, Use the Ambient Light

Have you noticed that when you pass through the window of the department store, your eyes will always look at the model's body involuntarily(LUX Image Distribution); when you pass through the supermarket fruit display area, you will always stop and reach out to the

LED Lghting Formula in Plant Industry

Plant Growth Light Measurement, Plant Factory Measurement Tool, Plant Growth Monitoring

With the increase of global LED applied agricultural lighting penetration, LED plant lighting, as a new market, attracts a large number of international giants to invest and develop. In fact, the application of LED plant lights is of great significance, both from the perspective of

Suitable Environment vs. LED Lighting Design

Lighting Design and Installation, Light Source LUX Distribution, Architectural Lighting Design

In the quantitative design of lighting, there are too many factors and indicators considering, and which one should be considered first? What should be a reasonable design steps? How can designers create a comfortable light environment? Just like teaching students in

Spectrometer Applications Extend to Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel lighting measurement, Tunnel lighting inspection

Do you know UPRtek’s spectrometer guarantees the quality of the project and achieves safety, green, smart and technological goals? In this article we will share the user experience for you. We noticed that UPRtek spectrometer is not only used in landscape lighting and plant