OLED Industry Application

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As technology improves, the new generation of OLED, HDR, wider color gamut and other display technologies became a trend. The improvement of ongoing visual imaging measurement conducts to upgrade the high performance of contrast and color in display. UPRtek depends on our knowledgeable grating sensing and utilizes optimized measuring capabilities in display to provide the best color brightness measuring solution.

Display Calibration

Screen Color Measurement, Display Production Quality Control, Monitor Brightness Requirements

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about display? Is there any relative between UPRtek and display technology? The rapid technology development powering the display on your TV screens and even your mobile phone displays. You must

How Spectroradiometer Exam The Mobile Phone Screen?

Display Exam

【Question】My friends and I use the same model same brand of mobile phones. His screen is better than my own in terms of brightness and color. I don't know if it is a psychological reason. You can't see this problem alone, but it's obvious when you compare it to each other!