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UPRtek Handheld Spectrometers will be presented at the 17th Int'l LED & OLED EXPO in Korea

2019/06/19 UPRtek
UPRtek's agent-HI-LAND KOREA
UPRtek's agent-HI-LAND KOREA

UPRtek’s partner HI-LANDKOREA is dedicated to sales and promotion of optical instrument in the market. This time, HI-LANDKOREA will participate in the most indicative professional exhibition at International LED & OLED EXPO 2019 in Korea. They will demonstrate the high-performance measuring solutions-Handheld Spectrometer and Spectroradiometer and introduce produce’s features which meet the diverse needs from the users. We sincerely invite you to come and join us.

Models & Main Functions

1. MK550T Display Measurement: The best handheld Spectroradiometer for various display measurements of LCD, OLED, MiniLED, microLED and others.
Its spectral analysis technology matches the requirements of accuracy and reproducibility on chroma and luminance. At the same time, MK550T provides the Flicker calculation methods ((JEITA, VESA, Contrast, RMS, FFT) based on the International Flat Panel Display Measurement.

2. MK350S Premium & MK350N Premium: Health Lighting Detection (Flicker Risk, Blue Light Hazard, BL%), Human Centric Lighting (EML) and Architectural Lighting Measurement (LUX Image Distribution).

3. PG200N Spectral PAR Meter: IP66 Waterproof Sensor head, Customizing PPFD & PFD range of plant from 350nm to 800nm, an external temperature and humidity sensor can be connected to integrate the necessary monitoring parameters for Horticulture lighting.

UPRtek Model Display


HI-LAND KOREA is a branch of HI-LAND Japan and is dedicated in promoting the optical instrument market. They are the exclusive distributor of UPRtek in Korea. Their maintenance system and instant response service always meet customer’s needs. In the future, HI-LAND KOREA promises to do their best for their customers with the newest technology and better services on changing and developing display industry.

Exhibition Information

International LED & OLED EXPO 2019
.Date:25-27 Jun, 2019
.Venue:Hall 3- Hall 4, KINTEX Korea ,Korea
.Booth Number:G15- G16
.Exhibition Website:
.Exhibitor Website:

2019 International LED & OLED EXPO_Floor Plan
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  • Handheld Spectroradiometer - MK550T Display Measurement and Testing Solution
    Handheld Spectroradiometer

    MK550T Handheld Spectroradiometer combines the advanced Optical spectral know-how and electronic signal processing technology to make the whole measuring system becomes faster and more accurate than common expensive instruments, and it is used in production line of display modules for global smart phone like what other Colormeters do. Excellent accuracy proformance from high brightness to low brightness helps to guard better color performance and image quality for display. It is perfect for OLED display to meet the inspection and adjustment requirement of GAMMA Correction. MK550T spectroradiometer is lightweight, portable, with 3.5 UI colored touchscreen and stand-alone which means it can be operated without computer connection. At the same time, MK550T luminance meter is suitable for various display measurements of LCD, LED, BLU, OLED, MiniLED, microLED that are applied to smart phone, TV, Microdisplay, AR/VR ( Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality) products and even recommended wearable devices. UPRtek depends on our knowledgeable grating sensing and utilizes optimized measuring capabilities in display to provide the best color brightness measuring solution . It's precisely the MK550T Spectroradiometer that realizes the demands and makes display industry interesting.

  • Visual Merchandising, LED Lighting Solutions-Handheld Spectrometer - UPRtek MK350S Premium Spectrometer
    Visual Merchandising, LED Lighting Solutions-Handheld Spectrometer
    MK350S Premium

    MK350S Premium is a Handheld Spectrometer with Muli-Functions in itself. It's not only a Spectrometer, but also can be a Quantum PAR Meter, Blue light Detector and Oscilloscope. The strong and various functions can make users task quicker and efficiently.

  • Stand alone Spectral Light meter-Handheld Spectrometer - UPRtek MK350N_Premium Handheld Spectrometer
    Stand alone Spectral Light meter-Handheld Spectrometer
    MK350N Premium

    MK350N Premium is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture. Embedded with spectral technology and optimize the LUX measuring range. Overall, the measuring result becomes more accurate which can be your best reliable helper.

  • SPECTRAL PAR METER - UPRtek PG200N Handheld plant growth lighting detector

    PG200N is a Handheld Spectra PAR Meter that conforms with the requirements of JIS AA and DIN B illuminance class.The main purpose of creating PG200 is to push the limits ofthe traditional quantum meter / plant detectors which only offer PPFD ( Photosynthesis Photon Flux Density), PFD(Photon Flux Density), Lux and basic lighting parameters. This time, PG200N PAR Meter is embedded with a G-sensor to help users adjust the measuring position dynamically. The sensor head is upgraded to the waterproof and dustproof level-IP66 to ensure that the precision of data is not affected by humidity. In addition, through the built-in PAR reference spectrum, users can instantly confirm the absorption of light by plants and provide proper light source. PG200N is the most intelligent and innovative meter to be utilized in LED plant factory equipment vendors, integrators, plant lighting designers and R&D institution.


Best Sale

Spectrometer Inspection and Analysis Software | Handheld Spectrometer Supplier - UPRtek

UPRtek, since 2010, is one of the prime handheld spectrometer manufacturers and their products are infused with a formula of practicality, mobility, green technology and intelligence. Our handheld spectrometer is lightweight and intuitively designed, users can operate the spectrometer without computers; measurement data can be displayed and viewed immediately on the spectrometer.

Handheld spectrometer's factory certification includes ISO9001 quality management system, and applying ISO14001 environmental management system and IECQ QC 080000 HSPM hazardous materials process management system. IES Progress Report and Red Dot award winning design, conforms to ISO14001, JIS, DIN and meets IECQ standards, UPRtek's handheld spectrometer total solutions are applicable to various industries such as spectrometer software, wireless card, LED meter, LED light tester and wireless card.

UPRtek has been offering customers high quality spectrometer | LED light tester that are infused with a formula of practicality, mobility, green technology and intelligence. Both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, UPRtek ensures each customer's demands are met.

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