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USA, Strategies in Light 2018

by | 2018/01/22

“PG100N Spectral PAR Meter”, the most comprehensive measurement solution for horticulture and plant factory that uses LED. Utilizing enhanced optical knowhow allows for precise measurement of PPFD(µmol/m²*s1) during 380 ~ 780nm range. Comparing to traditional PAR Meter, it optimized risk of measuring errors to conduct more trustful results that people do concerns and help them to improve the light quality essentially. It’s the precisely the answer of ideal light measuring solution that makes world interesting.

“UPRtek, the most professional pioneer of measuring light. We focus not only on handheld MK350 Series Spectrometers,illuminance Meters and Flicker Meters, we are also continuously innovating, developing a wider application area, creating optimized solutions and giving the benefits to UPRtek’s clients”, said Evan Lin, Sensor Director at UPRtek.

This time, UPRtek is proud to announce that both PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR Meter and US Agent Gamma RS-7-7 SpectralLED Adjustable LED Table Lamp are selected by SSL Design Class – Tools and Tests. Everyone is invited to visit us and check our devices! Below is our exhibition information.

With over 40 years of expertise in developing LED testing instruments, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate results with precision spectroradiometers, integrating spheres and goniometers.

Exhibition information:


■Strategies in Light 2018

Date: Feb 13-15 , 2018

Venue: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, USA

Booth Number: No.207

Exhibition Website:

Exhibitor Website:

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