What is IES TM-30-15?

What is IES TM-30-15?

The Technical Memorandum, TM-30-15, the new method published by IES in 2015 and has been proposed to the CIE. This new color evaluation function is expected to provide the angle of technological innovation for light source measuring, furthermore, it can help users analyze the color characteristics of the modern and the traditional solid-state light source, and thus enhance the fairness and accuracy of the measurement.

Item TM-30-15 (2015)
Color Space CAM02-UCS
Color Sample 99
Color Metric Color Fidelity Index (Rf)
Color Gamut Score (Rg)
Color Vector Graphic
Ref Illuminant Continuous
(Use same reference sources, but blended between 4500K and 5500K)
Scores Rf: 0 ~ 100 (fidelity)
Rg: 0 ~ 140 (Gamut)

TM-30-15, which considers 99 real-world objects having a variety of colors - these were carefully chosen for their reflectance properties. (Based on 105,000 objects)
TM-30-15 including Color Vector Graphic, Color Fidelity Index (Rf) and Color Gamut Score (Rg)

 Color vector graphics
Color vector graphics use visual description to tell us the changes of hue and saturation. The graph below tells us how various colors are distorted.
MK350S_TM30-15 measurement result

The above 3 lights are close to color temperature 3500K
If we use them on plant landscaping, and we expect to bring people a greenery feeling.
Red line: test source (Light A, B, C)
Black line: reference illuminant

For A light on the color Vector Graphic:
Red circle on the green gamut is outside black circle; it means green color is over-saturation.

For B light on the color Vector Graphic:
Red circle on the green gamut is inside the black circle; it means green color is under-saturation.

For C light on the color Vector Graphic:
Red circle on the green gamut is overlap on black circle; it means green color is close to true color.

Users could accord TM-30-15 measure data to determine the effects of saturation and color of the light source.

 Color Fidelity Index (Rf)

Fidelity index Rf indicates whether a light source near to natural or not.
Rf = 100 (maximum), colors are most real as the "natural" color.
Rf = 0 (minimum), color shifts occur make seriously color aberration.

 Color Gamut Score (Rg)

Gamut index Rg indicates whether a light source over or under saturation.
Rg = 100, it means no average change in saturation.
Rg > 100, it means the saturation tends to be increased.
Rg < 100, it means the saturation tends to be decreased.

We hope you can get a basic knowledge from above information of TM-30-15. UPRtek also add this function into our product to let customers get the most updated technology. For more information, please visit : MK350S Advanced Spectrometer.


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