Where does light come from?

Where does light come from?

A little Science and Magic ...

The importance of understanding light.
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Understanding the basics of what light is and where light comes from is the key to understanding LED lighting and UPRtek handheld spectrometers. However, we must first get our feet wet in the world of Science, particularly Physics and Chemistry. Here explains the lighting fundamentals in layman terms, in a straightforward, concise and practical way, without any MATH!

Before we begin, we must set some expectations. Physics and Chemistry are like Magic - there are things you will see that will amaze and confound you at the same time. So it's important to prepare yourself to turn your world upside-down and be ready for anything.

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Atoms make light

What is an atom?

Light comes from atoms, so we need to first understand what an atom is. Everything is made of atoms. The table, the wall, your cell phone, oxygen ... even you are made of atoms. Actually, an atom is so small that you can't really see one - but, when you combine them together, they become things, like water.

What is a molecule?

Atoms in an object are usually arranged into groups of atoms called molecules. For example, if I take one Oxygen (O) atom and add two Hydrogen (O) atoms, I get an H2O molecule. These atoms are attracted together by forces (electrostatic forces). Many molecules form an object - sometimes these molecules are loosely held together like water, or sometimes they are tightly held together like metals. It all depends on the molecular structure.

UPRtek survival book - atoms make light

UPRtek survival book - atoms make light1

Molecules determines, like DNA determines
Your DNA determines your physical characteristics; your gender; how tall, how heavy, the color of your hair. In a similar way, Molecular structure determines an object's characteristics; its color, its texture, its smell , its weight, ability to conduct electricity, melting temperature etc. Metal is solid, water is liquid - it's all because their molecular structures are different.

Let's take a closer look...
Making light from an atom is an easy process. You just need a little imagination. Inside an atom, there is a large nucleus -then there is a small electron (s) that flies around the nucleus in a fixed orbit - you can think of it as the Sun (nucleus) with the smaller Earth (electron)orbiting it. When energy is thrust upon the atom, the electron flies out to a higher orbit. When it returns to its original (natural) orbit, light is emitted.

UPRtek survival book - atoms make light2

Making Light of Things
1. The electron flies around in its natural orbit.
2. Energy can be added which causes the electron to move to a higher energy orbit for a short time.
3. The electron returns to its lower natural orbit and light (photons) is released (energy released).
4. The electron remains in its natural orbit, until it is excited again into a higher orbit and the process repeats itself.

Nucleus -The Nucleus of an atom contains neutrons and protons. Protons are positively charged, Electrons are negatively charged and Neutrons are neutral (no charge).


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