UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350N Premium Firmware Updated:Version 1.1.1.B4

UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350N Premium Firmware Updated:Version 1.1.1.B4

2018/07/24 UPRtek

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.1.1.B4 for MK350N Premium spectrometer.
The difference from previous version are as below:
1. NEW: Add Flicker Risk Mode
2. NEW: Add parameter “IRR”
3. NEW: Add arrow in Color Vector Graphic of TM-30-15 Mode
4. FIXED: Fix bugs

Flicker Risk Mode
Based on IEEE PAR 1789-2015 flicker safety regulation, built in point analysis figure which is called Flicker Risk Mode. This service will provide users more intuitive and simpler evaluation of the risk value of the " target light source ".
IES Flicker Standard
IEEE PAR 1789-2015 Standard, " Draft Risk Assessment-Potential health effects of fl icker from LED lighting," has helped the lighting industry understand that the effect of flicker on the human organism varies by both depth of modulation and frequency. In below chart, green is for No Risk Region, yellow for Low Risk Region, white for Not Low Risk Region.
Color Vector Graphic of TM-30-15
About what is IES TM-30-15, please check FAQ below: https://www.uprtek.com/en/faq/FAQ-Knowledge-013.html
Color Vector Graphic use visual description to tell us the changes of hue and saturation. The graph below tells us how various colors are distorted. The “arrow” of graph offer the way to see which colors are tending to over or under saturate.
When updating the firmware, please follow the steps below
:1. Backup data.
2. Check the firmware version.
3. Disable the power saving function.
4. Download the new firmware and SOP.
(Note: If you fail to update the firmware, it might be the problem of the SD card, please use another card and try again!)

●More details of MK350 Handheld Spectrometer Series, please go up to the official Website : https://www.uprtek.com/en/category/Handheld-Spectrometer/CAT-Handheld-Spectrometer.html
●Any questions about our service & products, please visit the FAQ on our website, or you can leave your message and contact information, we will feedback you as soon as possible.

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UPRtek UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350N Premium Firmware Updated:Version 1.1.1.B4 Introduction

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