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14Dec 2018
2018 Appreciation Season. Login and Receive Exquisite Freebies- Winner List

Thank you to all those who took part in our activity. Winners are listed below:

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10Dec 2018
UPRtek Spectral Color Meter - CV600 Firmware Updated:Version 1.0.4.B3

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.0.4.B3 for CV600 Spectral Color Meter. The differences from previous version are as below: 1. NEW: Add parameter “IRR” in Basic Mode (Irradiance) 2. NEW: Add parameter “SSI” in Basic Mode (Spectral Similarity Index) 3. NEW: Add parameter” TLCI” in Basic Mode (Television Lighting Consistency Index) 4. NEW: Add parameter” TLMF”in Basic Mode (Television Lighting Matching Factor) 5. NEW: Add “Intuitive Graph Flicker”in Flicker Risk Mode 6. NEW: Add arrow in Color Vector Graphic of TM-30-15 Mode 7. NEW: Put “unit” on raw data

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30Oct 2018
UPRtek Mobile Spectrum APP- uSpectrumX is on line

UPRtek's latest Mobile Spectrum APP-uSpectrumX has been officially launched on the App Store and Google Play. The new interface and rich measurement function enable users to connect to handheld spectrometers via Wi-Fi, remotely operate handheld spectrometers, and perform light source calibration, measurement, preservation, analysis, and so on.

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12Oct 2018
UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350S Premium Firmware Updated:Version 1.1.0.B24

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.1.0.B24 for MK350S Premium spectrometer. The differences from previous version are as below: 1. Added: Put “unit” on raw data 2. Added: Enhances the stored image resolution to 1.3M in LUXG mode 3. Added: Add 4 points brightness ratio on pseudo-color image in LUXG mode 4. Added: Added RG 0~3 Group comparison table in Blue light Hazard mode 5. Added: Support optional parameters on basic list in Compare mode 6. Added: Supports archive/reading function in Compare mode

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28Sep 2018
2018 Appreciation Season.Login and Receive Exquisite Freebies

As long as you buy any model of UPRtek handheld spectrometer from Jan 1st to Nov 30th, 2018 and login to our website successfully 7th, December, 2018 (Fri), you will have a chance to win prizes!

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21Aug 2018
UPRtek MK350S Premium-Spatial designer & lighting research specialized meter Selected for 2018 IES Progress Report

MK350S Premium Spectrometer is a multifunctional handheld Lighting Meter. It is the best tool for Lighting Designers to quantify and research the light sources as well as be selected as the proper lighting fixtures to their customers. In fact, it is not only for interior lighting design, but also health lighting and business LED manufacturers. The MK350S Premium’s main task is to reduce users’ workload and increase work efficiency. The 4 advanced features: (1) Lux Image mode- detection of light distribution becomes simpler and designers reduce their evaluation time as well as lessen the risk of making the wrong judgments. (2)The first handheld Spectrometer in the world adopts IEC 62778 and utilizes IEC 62471 for the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaries. Assess the blue light risk of LED and lighting fixtures, as well as help designers to establish a healthy lighting environment.(3) In accordance with IEEE Std 1789™-2015 Flicker safety standard with Risk judgments function to assist users clarifying how serious the flicker problems are by point analysis figure. This service provides users with more intuitive and simpler way to assess risks of the light source. Green means invisible area (No Risk), yellow means Low Risk, red means Danger area. (4) Support multi-measurement application- standalone, remote control app (Remote Control) and PC software (uSpectrum & uFlicker) which help users to analyze light effectively.

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24Jul 2018
UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350N Premium Firmware Updated:Version 1.1.1.B4

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.1.1.B4 for MK350N Premium spectrometer. The difference from previous version are as below: 1. NEW: Add Flicker Risk Mode 2. NEW: Add parameter “IRR” 3. NEW: Add arrow in Color Vector Graphic of TM-30-15 Mode 4. FIXED: Fix bugs

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12Jun 2018
Welcome - Falcon Eyes Limited Officially Joined the Service Team in China

As a leading brand of handheld spectrometers, UPRtek is not only committed to deepening the technology of handheld spectrometers and developing industrial applications of spectrometers but also continues to expand business model from physical store to e-commerce sales, hoping more end users will have chance to use UPRtek handheld spectrometer. In June 2018, UPRtek formally signed a partnership agreement with "Falcon Eyes Limited" to concentrate on the promotion of China's vast cinema industry market.

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11Jun 2018
UPRtek Statement: China Non-Official Authorized E-commerce Announcement

UPRtek hereby declares that the product information of MK handheld spectrometer series (including product photos, functions, names, and market prices, etc.) recently published on China's regional e-commerce platforms are all not matched with official information defined and regulated by UPRtek. All of this causing numerous problems for consumers and official sales channels. Market price chaos and confusion between models and functions are seriously affecting the professional image of UPRtek and our product. The confusion between price and text will affect the overall sales profit and product positioning.

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24May 2018
2018 Chinese Urban Lighting and Cultural & Innovation Lighting Forum_Shenzhen

From May 11 to May 12, the Chinese Urban Lighting and Cultural & Innovation Lighting Forum, with the theme of " Transboundary & Integration", opened at JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao'an. City managers, lighting industry leaders and outstanding business representatives gathered together to discuss the frontier technology of cultural & innovation lighting and the development trend of urban lighting.

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26Apr 2018
Gamma Scientific release PG100N SPECTRAL PAR METER on BioPhotonics

SAN DIEGO — Handheld SpectrometersThe PG100N line of high-precision handheld spectrometers from Gamma Scientific Inc. is well adapted for applications in horticulture, photography, general lighting, visual merchandising, health, safety and general research.

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09Apr 2018
UPRtek’s PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter Wins 2018 Red Dot Award

UPRtek’s PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter has won the 2018 Red Dot Award by virtue of its unique product features. PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter is focused on achieving the demands of agricultural field. UPRtek commits to combine the interactive system with plant growth factories which utilize the spectrum, PPFD, PFD, auto-monitoring, advanced storage technology and others to offer the analysis report for users to understand the ambient light requirement of plant growth, timely adjust the artificial light source to make sure the efficiency of the agricultural production, safty, achieve a scientific, intelligent agricultural environment.

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03Apr 2018
New Arrival! uSpectrum PC Software_Mac Version

To serve UPRtek spectrometer customers, we now launched the uSpectrum PC Software_Mac Version. Users can use Apple computer to contect with UPRtek spectrometer by wireless for big data analysis to satisfy the needs for research. UPRtek offer spectrum applications that are suitable for different applications, different use purposes and different usage scenarios to help you get the most out of your work.

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28Mar 2018
2018 Chinese Cultural And Innovative Lighting Forum_Hangzhou

There are many beautiful lights in the world but few of interesting “Cultural and Innoviative” lights. How to make light fun, interesting and culturally connotative? How to control that trend of future illumination development ? All that will be revealed in 2018 Chinese Cultural And Innovative Lighting Forum- Hangzhou.

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08Mar 2018
Test and Give You The True Color –Display Measurement and Testing Solution

Due to the rise mobile devices, the performance of various displays such as LCD, LED, OLED and HDR ... has become an important indicator of product evaluation in the industry. In order to meet the high demand for color detection, UPRtek officially launched Handheld Luminance Meter - MK550T handheld luminance meter and MD100N luminance meter in 2018. They can be operated without computer connection, and the other desktop model for display measurement solution that is designed for mass production. According to different occasions and usage to allow users to use flexible, excellent color inspection ability is definitely your best choice in the color brightness measuring solution.

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23Feb 2018
2+1 = 3 Years Warranty Service! Go!

We are really thankful for purchasing UPRtek product; therefore, we hope you could enjoy using it. To provide our after-sales service in a better than ever practice, we declare that our 3-year warranty program has launched now, especially for the clients purchasing our product from 1st Jan, 2018. UPRtek handheld luminance spectrometers are all applicable to this new warranty program.

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30Jan 2018
2018 SAPPHIRE AWARDS Finalist - PG100N Spectral PAR Meter

We are proud to announce that UPRtek PG100N Spectral PAR Meter was chosen as one of the top three finalists in the Category of “Tools and Tests in SSL Design” for the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards. The winner will be announced at the February 14th Gala aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA..

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12Jan 2018
UPRtek Spectrometer-MK350S Firmware Updated:Version 1.3.4.B5

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.3.4.B5 for Advance MK350S spectromete.

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22Aug 2017
UPRtek PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter Selected for 2017 IES Progress Report

In recent years, plant factory have become a hot industry, as a necessary environmental factors, LED lights applications are very extensive in plant lighting. As a provider of hand-held measurement solutions, UPRtek have put lots efforts on how to control lighting quality of plant lighting. Thus, UPRtek launches "PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter" in 2017.

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08Aug 2017
Grasp the secret of photosynthesis - PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter

UPCOMING NEW RELEASE IN AUGUSTBecause of the global warming, plant factory have become a hot industry. As a necessary environmental factor, LED lights applications are very extensive in plant lighting. LED lights not also can be used in the plant factory, but also in some special environments.For plant growth, PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density), photoperiod and spectral distribution are important for plant photosynthesis. UPRtek PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter can help to test the light and PPFD, and then adjust the light source, to help improve the quality of planting, shorten the culture cycle, so that the plant factory can get higher production and reduce costs.

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13Jul 2017
UPRtek New Version Update For Handheld Spectrometer - CV600 Spectral Color Meter (Version 1.0.3.B6)

UPRtek, the pioneer in portable handheld spectrometers for lighting, release a new Firmware Update Version 1.0.3.B6 for the CV600 Spectral Color Meter. On this version, we add new function of "Compare Mode", which allows the standard and sample light source for all-round comparison. Then you can easily finish your analyzing job.

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06Jul 2017
UPRtek New Version Update For Handheld Spectrometer - MK350N Premium (Version 1.1.0.B23)

UPRtek, the pioneer in portable handheld spectrometers for lighting, release a new Firmware Update Version 1.1.0.B23 for the MK350N Premium Spectrometer. On this version, we add new function of "Compare Mode", which allows the standard and sample light source for all-round comparison. Then you can easily finish your analyzing job.

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16Jun 2017
uFlicker -- The gatekeeper of Flicker

Flicker, the invisible killer of all lights, being implicated in triggering a host of health related issues such as epilepsy attacks, migraines, fatigue, reduced visual task performance, distraction and visual impairment... As technology advances for electric light sources and deeper understanding of biological knowledge between lights, this becomes to the key to solve flicker problem and carry out the healthy lighting.UPRtek the handheld spectrometer supplier around the world is well aware of this problem. Now, in middle of 2017, UPRtek launches uFlicker PC software for you. With uFlicker, you can choose parameters according to your usage habits. With uFlicker, you can get more details and information of light measurement. With uFlicker and UPRtek handheld spectrometer, you can complete your light measurement and analysis job easily.

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06Jun 2017
New Generation Model - MK350N Premium Spectrometer

In 2017, the atmosphere of intelligent lighting is more and more prosperous, and the key to the success of intelligent commercial lighting is still depends on the light quality of intelligent commercial lamps and lanterns itself. If the quality of light cannot keep up, "commercial intelligent lighting" will only be the slogan at all.In view of this, UPRtek is constantly committed to improving the measurement of spectral technology, and pursue the continuous improvement to reach perfection. After CV600, all purpose professional cinematic and photographic light meter, launched in 2016, we reviewed our product line at the same time and strive to make products closer to the user's needs, and then launch the new generation - MK350N Premium. MK350N Premium will officially join the UPRtek handheld spectrometer product line in 2017 and replace the previous model MK350N Plus. With the glorious retirement of MK350N Basic and MK350N Plus, we expect MK350N Premium will be more in line with consumer expectations. Once again lead the market trend of the commercial lighting measurement application market.

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MK350N Premium Spectrometer

MK350N Premium Spectrometer

With three measuring options. The world’s first flicker meter of 50K Hz strobe frequency...

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PG100N Spectral PAR Meter

Provide light quality data and spectral primitive map, optical radiation energy data for lighting...

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CV600 Spectral Color Meter

CV600 Spectral Color Meter

Designed for Cinematic and Photographic. It is not only a Light meter, but also a Color...

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