UPRtek Spectral Color Meter - CV600 Firmware Updated:Version 1.0.4.B3

by | 2018/12/10

UPRtek the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, announced a new Firmware Update Version 1.0.4.B3 for CV600 Spectral Color Meter.
The differences from previous version are as below:

  1. NEW: Add parameter “IRR” in Basic Mode (Irradiance)
  2. NEW: Add parameter “SSI” in Basic Mode (Spectral Similarity Index)
  3. NEW: Add parameter” TLCI” in Basic Mode (Television Lighting Consistency Index)
  4. NEW: Add parameter” TLMF”in Basic Mode (Television Lighting Matching Factor)
  5. NEW: Add “Intuitive Graph Flicker”in Flicker Risk Mode
  6. NEW: Add arrow in Color Vector Graphic of TM-30-15 Mode
  7. NEW: Put “unit” on raw data

Recently, because LED light sources have been widely used in the film and television industry, the color rendering often seriously damaged when passing the film and digital sensors due to the characteristics of LED light sources. (The spectral distribution is discontinuous; the peak of the spectrum is prominent; the spectrum exhibits a narrow band). The Color Rendering Index, CRI, often used in commercial lighting - is not suitable for the film and television industry. CRI is an indicator for unsaturated colors, which is mainly averaged by 8 color tickets containing unsaturated and soft colors. Therefore, CRI has its limitations. In view of this, UPRtek's Spectral Color Meter - CV600, is specially added some parameters for cinema industry using in the updated version.

SSI - Spectral Similarity Index

SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) – is a new index for the spectral evaluation of luminaires developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencesin collaboration with cinematographers, film lighting experts, and lighting manufacturers. To put it bluntly, it is an evaluation index for evaluating the degree of spectral matching between two lamps.

You can use any light source as the standard light source (or other preset standard light source such as CIE D55). The SSI value obtained after the measurement is the suitability between the test light source and the standard light source. The SSI is calculated in proportion with a full score of 100, the higher the score, the higher the similarity of the two light sources, otherwise is low. Therefore, the user can set the desired luminaire spectrum as a standard and compare it with the illuminator to be tested to obtain the SSI index (the higher the index, the higher the suitability).

TLCI - Television Lighting Consistency Index

Unlike CRI, which targets the human eye, TLCI evaluates the light source that the camera sees. It represents the average color rendering capability of light captured through a camera compared to natural light (E. G. sunlight, blackbody, incandescent). A lamp with a TLCI index close to 100 indicates that it has a high color rendering capability, whereas a lower value indicates a poorer color rendering capability.

We believes that the CV600 can display this index is very useful for luminaire manufacturers, because they can use it to show buyers the color reproduction ability of their own lamps in front of the camera.

TLMF - Television Lighting Matching Factor

Another indicator similar to the TLCI is TLMF (Television Lighting Matching Factor). Instead of comparing light to a natural light source, it compares the light source (A source, D65, D55, D50 as standard) with another source (such as LED light to fluorescent light). The higher the index, the higher the similarity.

This feature is especially recommended for lighting designers. Because this helps the film and television industry to match the different color lights before shooting, it is even possible to test the color of the filter used in the shooting. Lighting designers can predict and blend the effects of the studio early, which is really a practical tool!

In addition to SSI, TLCI, TLMF, UPRtek CV600 Spectral Color Meter can also display spectral distribution images, and CIE1931 color space (x, y) on this updated version. This is useful for cinematography, television, static photography and human vision. Because cinema light (such as RGBW lights) often have metamerism, such as the two red lights show a completely different spectrum. With the UPRtek CV600 Spectral Color Meter, you can easily set up, deploy, and control your lights.

For more information about the CV600 Spectral Color Meter, please refer to the related products below. The product introduction page has more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.


When updating the firmware, please follow the steps below
  1. Backup data.
  2. Check the firmware version.
  3. Disable the power saving function.
  4. Download the new firmware and SOP.

(Note: If you fail to update the firmware, it might be the problem of the SD card, please use another card and try again!)

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