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by | 2017/03/31

uSpectrum PC Software

UPRtek, the pioneer handheld spectrometers supplier for lighting industrial, release a new version for uSpectrum PC Software that includes a new option "Review file" for the current TRANSMIT mode, "Save temporary file" for LOG mode and "Multi records to one file" for VIEW mode. We hope this revised version can provide a more user-friendly interface and operating functions, so uSpectrum PC Software can be a powerful tool to assist users in analyzing data.


What is different from previous version?


TRANSMIT Mode - Add "Review file" function

Considering that the user needs to measure the data (single or multiple) for analysis and comparison, the past version can only be pure data stored in the computer, and then to analysis it. The revision will add the"Review file" function so that the data stored in the past can be read in uSpectrum. In addition to the pure data, the spectral data can be displayed as well.


Select TRANSMIT mode, make a measurement, and save the file. If you need to read the data, you can select the required information to read.

LOG Mode - Add "Save temporary file" function

The customer often lost valuable measurement data due to hardware crashed or other factors cause improper suspension just because they didn't save the data on time during the measurement operations. Thus, UPRtek R&D team add this "Save temporary file" function to avoid irreparable situation due to job failure.


In LOG mode, select "Save temporary file" function and starting the measurement operation, the uSpectrum PC Software will inform the user to select a path and file name to form a temporary file. If there are any abnormal factors in the measurement process, which cannot be stored in the normal program, the archive can be stored in the previous measurement data. However, if you select the "delete file" option, the temporary file will be deleted as well.


VIEW Mode - Add "Multi records to one file" function

This function allows the user to store and read multiple pieces of data.


IN VIEW mode, all slected data can be saved to a single file.

NOTE: After archiving in VIEW mode, the file cannot be read again by VIEW mode because the format has changed. You can read this file via LOG mode.


LOG Mode - UI adjustment: The parameters of milliWatts and micro mol units can be viewed separately.

In recent years, LED, as a new semiconductor light source to be applied to plant cultivation, has been widely used in various types of plant facilities cultivation. Therefore, UPRtek developed uSpectrum PC Software, which can distinguish between general LED spectral parameters and LED plant light source spectral parameters to improve the convenience of different users.


In LOG mode, you can select the parameters according to the different categories.

Now, you can start to experience the new version of uSpectrum PC Software.

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uSpectrum PC Software

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