Application for Calibration Service

Handheld spectrometer is a high-precision measurement device with sensitive, please use with care. To ensure the accuracy of measurements, UPRtek recommended users to have the unit calibrated once a year. Please follow the instruction for calibration service and submit your online requirement, thank you!
If you purchase products from January 1, 2018, within three years you could get one time calibration service for free .
RMA No. will be provided after UPRtek receives the application. Users may use the RMA No. to check the calibration status.

1. Process Chart
Process Chart
2. Time Table Chart
Time Table Chart

*RMA No. will be provided after UPRtek receives the application. Users may use the RMA No. to check the calibration status.
RMA No., Ex:R-1608001

Remark 1 : Working days exclude weekends and holidays.
Remark 2 : UPRtek will provide the quotation in 2 ~ 3 working days after receiving customers' application. Upon receipt of the quotation, users need to confirm the quotation within 2 working days, the application and quotation is no longer valid. UPRtek will cancel this Calibration service. UPRtek will start the calibration service after receiving the confirmation and payment for calibration fee from users. Calibration service will take 5 ~ 7 working days.

3. Standard Work Flow Chart
Standard Work Flow Chart
4. Tracking Progress Inquiry
Tracking progress Inquiry

Please enter your RMA No. (R-XXXXXXX) and email address. Then, Submit your inquiry letter. UPRtek will reply it within 3 days.

RMA No., Example : R-1608001


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