Factory Introduction

Factory Introduction

Factory Management, Factory Facilities

Factory Introduction
Factory Introduction

UPRtek was founded in 2010; the factory is located in Guangyuan Science Park, Zhunan Township, Miaoli County. The total area of UPRtek factory is approximately 23,600 square meters. Base on the UPRtek Taiwan factory, its own products handheld spectrometers are research and develop in-house, one-step manufacturing and production in the factory and provide service marketing the handheld spectrometer world widely. UPRtek factory provide the most complete and professional one-stop production, taking into account the production efficiency and quality assurance.

Own Production Equipment
UPRtek owns SMT, TEST and Packing production equipments, whether in the product design stage, or transfer the techniques of complete development product into the factory, even before the mass production, the design team and manufacturing team can communicate immediately. No need to depend on outsource is more efficient in making improvements for product and making final decisions. This is one of the important factors in which UPRtek can launch new products every year.
SMT Production Line
TEST Product Line
Assembly Production Line
Production Tracking Management System
All production processes use MES and ERP production systems, from material incoming, production to shipping, and all production operations are controlled through the entire system. The production schedules and quality management are controlled with efficiency.
Production Products
● Own Brand Products
Handheld spectrometer MK350 series for commercial lighting applications, CV600 series light meter for cinematic and photographic lighting, MK350S series products for architecture lighting design and research, PG100N series products for plant grow lighting and research, MF250N series products for Flicker inspection and prevention, MK550T and MD100N luminance meter series products for monitor and display screen detection, uSpectrum light color analysis and uFlicker Flicker detection PC software, and automatic fast screening analyzer MD700N drug detection equipment and other products.
● OEM Products
MFI Lightning、USB、SD、SSD、Micro SD、CF memory card.
Factory Certification
Factory certification includes ISO9001 quality management system, and applying ISO14001 environmental management system and IECQ QC 080000 HSPM hazardous materials process management system.
UPRtek Factory Information
Address:No.38, Keyi St., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County 35059, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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Spectrometer Software | Spectrometer Supplier - UPRtek

Based in Taiwan, UPRtek is one of the prime spectrometer manufacturers since 2010.

Award winning, conforms to ISO14001, JIS, DIN and meets IECQ standards, along with handheld spectrometer and smart controller, UPRtek has also developed products that are applicable to various industries such as spectrometer software, wireless card, LED meter, LED light tester and wireless card.

UPRtek has been offering customers high quality spectrometer | LED light tester that are infused with a formula of practicality, mobility, green technology and intelligence. Both with advanced technology and 8 years of experience, UPRtek ensures each customer's demands are met.

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