Human Resource

Human Resource

Human Resource
Human Resource

In UPRtek, excepting upgrading oneself continuously, we are also making efforts in letting every single employee feel happy for upgrading. Welcome to our team, strive together for yourself and family.

Compensation & Benefit
◎ Provide year-end bonus depending on operating conditions, usually 2 month. .
◎ Provide performance bonus、employee dividends.
◎ Provide labor insurance, national health insurance, and complete group insurance.
◎ Provide yearly free employee's health examination.
◎ Provide cash gift on three major Chinese holidays & Birthday.
◎ Internal/External Training.
◎ Two days off a week.
◎ Annual leave.
◎ Accompanying Maternity Leave / Menstrual Leave.
◎ Family Care Leave.
◎ Patent bonus.
◎ Travel subsidy, Family day, and, Year-End Party.
◎ Wedding Subsidy, Death Subsidy, Childbirth Subsidy, Emergency Allowance, etc.
◎ Provide Employee Assistance Programs.
Learning and Development
The industry culture of our company is based on humanity. Due to the need of self-restrain and self-respecting, our company adopts the interactive mode based on trust, open authorization and responsibility. By knowing employee's needs, our company arranges various courses to increase employee's professional competitiveness and implement the spirit of voluntarily learning. Our company applies appropriate outer professional training courses to let employee upgrading one's professional knowledge. Meanwhile, put these professional techniques in inside operation of the company to let the company develop continuously.
Educational Training
New employee's educational training
In order to let new employees to learn and grow with discipline after entering our company, educational training courses invite managers with professional skills to be the inner lecturers. The courses including:
◎ The series of company culture guidance for new employees.
◎ Product Introduction.
◎ Work flow introduction.
◎ Professional skill training.
On service member educational training
◎ Arrange educational training courses according to department direction standard.
◎ Invite system related members to arrange system operating instruction.
◎ Provide outer professional training courses to let employees upgrading their professional knowledge and get certificate at the same time.
Contact Information
● Address : No.38, Keyi St., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan
● TEL : +886-37-580-006#2200
● FAX : +886-37-585-308
● Contacts : Miss Lee
● View Job Vancancies :


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