R&D Team

UPRtek R&D team has optical, mechanical, and electrical integration capabilities, specializing in optical detection, light source control, and wireless control…etc. Among them, the advanced technology handheld spectrometers own products are the main R&D project. “All in One – One in All ”is the product R&D design concept. We focus on lightweight and intuitive design. Users can operate the spectrometer without computers; measurement data can be displayed and viewed immediately on the spectrometer. Beside, users can also use the spectrometer with smart devices for wireless control measurement. In addition, the SD card storage function allows users to freely use the measurement data, especially the use of uSpectrum computer software for big data measurement analysis.

Team Work

UPRtek R&D team includes five departments such as hardware, software, firmware, mechanical and visual design. UPRtek own-branded products started from optical, mechanical, and electrical integration, product appearance design until finished production packaging are all made by UPRtek RD teamwork.