United Power Research Technology Corporation, a key strategic partner of the Phison Group, was formed in 2010, inspired to respond to declining net margins in the technology sectors.

United in the Power of elite Research Technology, the UPRtek mission is to avail inaccessible, exclusive science and technology to a broader market by reinventing them for practical use for everyday businesses as well as for individual consumers. In 2011, UPRtek released its first two brand products into the market – the UPRtek Smart Controller and the UPRtek Spectrometers.

UPRtek is a handheld spectrometer manufacturer, products are infused with a formula of practicality, mobility, green technology and intelligence. We believe that this formula gives clear direction for the UPRtek Brand and, in the end, allows our customers a truly satisfying experience.


To be Sincere /  Pragmatic / Customer Oriented / Focused on Teamwork


To be the leading manufacturer of world-class optical measurement solutions.


To provide products with reasonable cost and stable quality . To support customer growth in their own industries. To continue to develop new products and make positive contributions socially and globally.

Quality Policy

To continue to improve on quality by focusing on customer interaction, integration and cooperation.

HSPM Policy

To comply with regulations, protect the environment, and pursue zero-pollution production. To prevent prohibited substances from entering the production supply chain, and insist on providing green products.


Organization Chart