MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer

MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer

MK350N Plus

UPRtek MK350N PlusHandheld Spectrometer
UPRtek MK350N PlusHandheld Spectrometer

MK350N PLUS is the LED meter for LED Manufacturer. It included more than 40 light measurement units such as CCT, CRI, CIE1931/1976, LUX, TLCI and others. Assist you to discover new business opportunities on innovation and green LED technology. It is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture.

UPRtek MK350N PlusHandheld Spectrometer

All New icon Design and Additional Data Browser Mode which closes to user's need, quick and easy data management.

UPRtek MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer

Flicker is the problem certain lights have, exhibiting a subtle pulsating or strobing effect. Most of the time barely noticeable by the human eye. However, more organizations are paying attention to flicker. Because it is being implicated in triggering a host of health related issues. Such as epilepsy attacks, migraines, fatigue, reduced visual task performance, distraction and visual impairment. MK350N Plus built-in Flicker sensor detector to guard your health.

UPRtek MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer _Flicker

Build a bridge to 4.0 industry
Save more time. Reduce manufacturing cost.
Efficient USB connectivity up to 16 times.
Efficiency, Speed, Flexibility.

UPRtek MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer

"Free Download" Mobile / Pad APP for iOS and Android platform"

UPRtek MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer

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Applicable Industry
  • Academics Research

    UPRtek handheld spectrometer is being used at Universities and Colleges as an indispensible teaching tool, for understanding Light, Color and Physics.

  • Health and Safety

    Light is essential to human life. Since the electronic technology is getting matured each day, people are using light for not only illumination but also applying it to medical, agriculture and store display...and so on. People now are having awareness about "light" which can be harmful and beneficial to vision as well as our health. Now you can use UPRtek Handheld Spectrometer to help you understand and analyze the characteristics of light, prevent damage from light more effectively and guard your health.

  • Lighting Designers

    In the old days, lighting intensity was often ignored, especially in offices and retail shops. People only started to care about the application of illumination to life after the lighting design industrial boom. For example, when do you usually replace your bulb at home or in the office? Most people replied when the bulb started to flash and made people uncomfortable. Therefore, As a lighting designer, you can use the UPRtek handheld spectrometer to help your customers understand light is not only driving out the darkness, light application is variety. Let UPRtek handheld spectrometer help you to expand more business opportunities.

  • LED Manufacturing

    Before understanding how LED manufacturing is associated with UPRtek handheld spectrometers, let's briefly introduce the following three types of LED manufacturers.

  • LED Trading

    LEDs are cooler, energy efficient, last longer, shockproof, and are non toxic, and that's why LEDs are a billion dollar industry and growing. However, LEDs are based on semiconductors, which means that because the nature of the semiconductor materials, the light quality is like making a soufflé, your never quite how it's going to turn out.

  • LED Design and Research

    Speaking of natural lights, we normally refer it to sunlight, moonlight or even starlight. Light is the brightness that lets us see things in the dark and I believe you will not deny that light actually contains more than this.

  • Visual Merchandising

    Today, all kinds of shopping malls decorated and designed to be a comfortable and pleasant place. Therefore, we can see many people spend more time in the shopping malls or department stores especially in holidays. Do you like to go shopping in the shopping mall during holidays? By the way, what kinds of the interior design concepts used in the shopping mall to attract and keep the consumers coming back?

  • Marine Biology

    Do you feel excited or joyful when seeing red? Perhaps you also agree that human psychology affected by different colors. The various colors in our life come from the light, so, did you ever wonder if animals and plants on Earth also influenced by the artificial light sources?

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MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer | Spectrometer Supplier - UPRtek

Based in Taiwan, UPRtek is one of the prime MK350N Plus Handheld Spectrometer | spectrometer manufacturers since 2010.

Award winning, conforms to ISO14001, JIS, DIN and meet IECQ standards, along with handheld spectrometer and smart controller, UPRtek has also developed products that are applicable to various industries such as spectrometer software, wireless card, LED meter, LED light tester and wireless card.

UPRtek has been offering customers high quality spectrometer | LED light tester that are infused with a formula of practicality, mobility, green technology and intelligence. Both with advanced technology and 8 years of experience, UPRtek ensures each customer's demands are met.

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