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Mobile uSpectrum App

Wireless remote control of your UPRtek device using our Mobile uSpectrum App.  


Install the Mobile uSpectrum App on your mobile device and you can remote control your UPRtek device and have direct access to data and measurement captures on your mobile device. Anytime you can connect up to the larger digital world, it can open up a myriad of possibilities.

With mobile remote control, you can get creative with a myriad of testing scenarios.

You may a need WING Card for your UPRtek product

Your UPRtek product must also be equipped with wireless in order to interact with your mobile device.  Depending on your product, you may have to use the Wing Wireless Card.

The products that currently have wireless built-in and do NOT need the Wing card are the MK350D Compact and the PG200N PAR meter.  Otherwise please read on about the Wing Wireless Wifi Control Card.

Mobile Spectrum Apps

Applicable UPRtek products:

MK350DQR CodesQR Codes / ZIP (APK) File
CV600---ZIP (APK) File
MK350N PremiumQR CodesQR Codes /ZIP (APK) File
MK350S AdvancedQR CodesZIP (APK) File
MK350S PremiumQR CodesQR Codes / ZIP (APK) File
PG100N---ZIP (APK) File
PG200NQR CodesQR Codes /ZIP (APK) File
MK350N Plus---ZIP (APK) File
DL001QR CodesQR Codes / ZIP (APK) File

Easy user interface with ability to see, store, recall and email data.

Handbook Series

The Flicker Handbook

Everything thing you need to know about Flicker, an insidious, potentially serious lighting artifact impacting visual safety for public places like hospitals, offices, libraries, and more...

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About UPRtek

United Power Research and Technology

UPRtek (est. 2010) is a manufacturer of portable, high-precision light measurement instruments; Handheld Spectrometers, PAR meters, Spectroradiometers, Light Calibration Solutions.

UPRtek HQ, R&D and manufacturing are all based out of Taiwan, with Worldwide representation through our certified Global Resellers.

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Medical Setting using LED or Fluorescent Lights

What is a Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer, Spectroradiometer?

In the realm of spectral devices, three devices stand out: a Spectrometer, a Spectrophotometer, and a Spectroradiometer. However, these terms have been so interchangeably used that we felt obligated to clarify their differences in one short article.

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