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UPRtek MK350D Compact Spectrometer


UPRtek Compact MK350D is the pocket-Sized spectrometer in the world and released in 2014. It is only 70g and easy to carry. Measurement light units are more than 27, such as CCT, LUX, CRI, CIE1976 u, v’, CIE1931 x, y, Spectrum diagram, Percent Flicker and others. Until now, MK350D is standalone, the lightest Bluetooth smart control Handheld Spectrometer and Flicker Meter.


Flicker measurement for disease prevention and health check.


Measuring Harmful Blue Light

MK350D Compact spectrometer adopts the IEC/ TR 62778 which used the IEC 62471 for the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaire to assist you to lessen the blue light hazard from happening. The widespread use of 3C products leads to eye diseases happening continuously, such as early cataracts, Macular degeneration and so on. However, the degree of eye damage is mostly related to light intensity, light source distance and exposure time. How to find out the risk factor and prevent it early is the best way to stop the blue light from harming human’s eye. Blue light wavelength is from 401nm-500nm.

Blue light weighted irradiance (EB): Intensity of blue light hazard.

Blue light hazard efficacy of luminous radiation (Kbv) = EB / E (Lux). Blue light hazard power ratio per unit of lumens.

BLH Risk Group (RG): The higher the Eb, the” shorter” exposure time is allowed.

Blue Light Hazard-Blue-ray %: The irradiance ratio of blue wavelength (401nm-500nm) for LED. BL% can be applied for museum lighting to avoid the antiquities damages from the blue light.


Standalone operation, no need smart phone or PC connection.


Supports Micro SD card unlimited data storage for measurement.



Compatible with smart devices, Wireless control by Bluetooth.



Additional uSPECTRUM App and Software for advance analysis.

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - Specification (English Version)

Measuring modes, capabilities and system introduction

MK350D Handheld Spectrometer - Comprehensive catalog (English Version)

Brand story, spectrometer application, lighting solution provider and correspondence software

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - Flicker Handbook (English Version)

Introduction on LED lighting flicker, potential health concerns and anti-flicker solution

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - MK350 LED Meter (English Version)

MK350 Series Spectrometer basic features introduction

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - MK350 Series Survival Handbook (English Version)

MK350 Series Spectrometer basic optical know-how and case study

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - User Manual (German Version)

Product introduction on operation, Q&A and warranty services

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - User Manual (English Version)

Product introduction on operation, Q&A and warranty services

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - User Manual (Spanish Version)

Product introduction on operation, Q&A and warranty services

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - User Manual (Japanese Version)

Product introduction on operation, Q&A and warranty services

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - Industry_Application Flicker DM (English Version)

Introduction on LED lighting flicker, potential health concerns and anti-flicker solution

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - DM (English Version)

Spectrometer features and application introduction

MK350D Compact Spectrometer - Global Version Updated (V-

Add: Blue Light Weighted Irradiance (Eb)/Blue Light Hazard Efficacy of Luminous Radiation (Kbv)/Blue Light Hazard Blue-ray % (BL%)/Blue Light Hazard Risk Group(RG)

Dragon Image SMPTE 20150714 UPRtek Spectrometer Mobile

UPRtek MK350D Compact Spectrometer

【UPRtek Unbox】uSpectrum APP – Main Screen and Tool Introduction_EN

【UPRtek Unbox】Wing File Setup – Naming/Search/Delete_EN

【UPRtek Unbox】Wing WiFi Card Connection_EN

uSpectrum PC Software

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Mobile Spectrum APP

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