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UPRtek PG100N Handheld plant growth lighting detector

PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter is focused on achieving the demands of agricultural field. It shows its own advantages of measuring functions ,such as spectrum, PPFD and PFD so that users can utilize these parameters in the plant factories. Meanwhile, PG100N Spectral PAR Meter offers the analysis report for users to understand the ambient light requirement of plant growth, timely adjust the artificial light source to make sure the efficiency of the agricultural production, safty, achieve a scientific, intelligent agricultural environment.



The plant growth’s success formula – PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density)

What is PPFD?

It means how many photons hit a defined area in one second. PPFD is the unit of measure, defined by μmol/m2/s or micro-moles of photons falling on a square meter per second. Plant has various species and different categories which have different PPFD requirements.

Normally, Photosynthetically available Radiation (PAR) wavelength is 400nm – 700nm. The light intensity has valuable effects on the plant due to the different wavelengths.

Blue light (400nm – 500nm) – High absorption of chlorophyll and carotenoids influences the photosynthesis greatly.

Green light (500nm – 600nm) – Low absorption by pigments.

Red light (600nm – 700nm) – Improving plant flowering and germination.

UV light (400nm↓) – Inhibition of plant growth but good for plant pigment generation.

FR light (700nm↑) – Adjustments of flowering and germination.

Users can easily understand the environmental requirement of plant growth and adjust the artificial light clearly through the PPFD & PFD UI.Ensure the horticulture high production, safety and achieve the scientific, intelligent cultivation environment.



The Sensor head conforms with the JIS AA Class and DIN B Class Illumination requirements. Overall, the measuring process has a high speed, accuracy and stability.

It is recommended for the horticultural Factory , Green house and City farmers.



Multiple measuring choices and unlimited space and distance.

Real time detection and gathering the data which improve the measuring efficiency and flexibility.。



Free downloadable APP- Android, iOS and PC uSpectrum Software.

Make your measurement process easy and start using the device hassle-free.



PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - Specification (English Version)


Measuring modes, capabilities and system introduction

PG100N Handheld Spectrometer - Comprehensive catalog (English Version)


Brand story, spectrometer application, lighting solution provider and correspondence software

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - Grow Light PAR Meter Handbook (English Version)


Understanding how the proportion of light source affects plant growth and case study

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - MK350 LED Meter (English Version)


MK350 Series Spectrometer basic features introduction

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - MK350 Series Survival Handbook (English Version)


MK350 Series Spectrometer basic optical know-how and case study

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - User Manual (English Version)


Product introduction on operation, Q&A and warranty services

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - User Manual (Japanese Version)


Explanation of commonly used measurement in plant growth LED

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - Industry_Application-Plant Growth DM (English Version)


Explanation of commonly used measurement in plant growth LED

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - DM (English Version)


Spectrometer features and application introduction

PG100N Spectral PAR Meter - Version Update Installation European Version (V-2.1.0.B23)


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Wing Wi-Fi Wireless Control Card

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