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Due to the development of Science & technology, highly competitive of the optoelectronics industry continuously improves. The high contrast color and color rendering of the panel will affect consumer preferences and eventually their purchasing intention. GAMMA SCIENTIFIC is well-known for professional optical technology and color verification capability to provide the best color brightness inspection solutions for LCD, OLED and MicroLED display industry. As a result, Handheld Spectroradiometer & Display measuring solutions was born. It provides different options of receptor sizes to users to utilize in various measuring applications. In addition, LCD, OLED and MicroLED display measuring devices offer high performance analysis software and Universal Windows Platform SDK for free, which greatly fulfills the needs of users for specific applications and customized system solutions.

In addition, following the development of plant factories, horticultural LED quality measuring becomes more important. UPRtek PG100N PAR Meter is your best choice and it will help you monitor your LED light effectively. Now, just using UPRtek PG100N PAR Meter, users will understand the spectrum of LED grow lights, adjust the light source timely which increases the plant growth. Moreover, users can adjust the light quality promptly which increases the plant productivity and quality control through the technical parameters -PPFD & PFD. PG100N PAR Meter has won the international awards for its outstanding performance-2017 IES Progress Report, 2018 Reddot Product Design Award - Industrial Design Group and 2018 US Sapphire Award Finalist-Tools and Test in SSL Design.

UPRtek USA Agent - GAMMA SCIENTIFIC will take part in the international exhibitions and promote handheld spectrometer and spectroradiometer together. We will present the latest model and share the newest technical information to you. We sincerely invite you and and look forward to meeting you soon.

GAMMA SCIENTIFIC is famous for solid optical design experiences and product development for many years to offer the best testing devices/facilities with the fastest and competitive advantages for users. This year, they are honored to be recognized by the judges of 2018 LaseFocusWorld. The SpectralLED® RS-7 and GS-1290-NED Near-Eye Display Measurement System promoted by GAMMA SCIENTIFIC have won the Silver and Gold Award individually for Innovation Awards. In the future, GAMMA will share this honor with you and welcome your visit.

With over 40 years of expertise in developing LED testing instruments, GAMMA SCIENTIFIC is trusted by the world's leading organizations to provide accurate results with precision spectroradiometers, integrating spheres and goniometers.

■Exhibition Information:

■SPIE Optics + Photonics 2018

Venue: San Diego, CA, United States, USA
Booth Number:No.637
Exhibition Website:http://spie.org/exhibitor/details.aspx?expo=SPIE-Optics-%2b-Photonics-2018&name=Gamma-Scientific-San-Diego-CA&
Exhibitor Website:http://www.gamma-sci.com/uprtek-products/

■SID Display Week 2018

Date:22-24 May, 2018
Venue:Los Angeles Convention Center, USA
Booth No:No.405
Exhibition Website:www.displayweek.org/
Exhibitor Website:www.gamma-sci.com/gs-1160-display-measurement-system/









PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計 (Handheld Spectral PAR Meter)旨在滿足農業領域的應用需求並結合自身量測優勢,如光譜圖(Spectrum)、植物生長參數(PPFD, PFD)等運用於植物應用工廠。提供業

恭賀群燿科技PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計榮獲2018紅點產品設計大獎
群燿科技PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計憑藉其獨特的產品特色,榮獲2018紅點產品設計大獎-工業設計組。PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計專注於實現農業領域的需求,群燿科技致力於將互動系統與利用光譜、PPFD、PFD、自動監控、先進存儲技術等的植物工廠相結合;為用戶提供分析報告以了解植物生長環境的光源需求;及時調整人工光源確保農業生產的效率;安全;實現一個科學與智能結合的農業環境。
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檢測色彩、還原真實 – 輝度計及顯示器測量方案
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賀群燿科技PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計獲2017 IES Progress Report 肯定!
近年來,植物工廠成為新興的熱門行業,作為植物工廠內的必備環境因素,LED在植物光照領域的應用非常廣泛。群燿科技自詡為手持式量測方案的提供者,對於植物燈領域中檢測燈具品質的議題也深耕許久,在此環境背景下,群燿科技特別針對植物照明領域推出了 『PG100N 手持式植物照明檢測計』。
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什麼是光譜儀、分光光度計、分光輝度計/ 輻射計?

光譜儀、分光光度計、分光輝度計/ 輻射計是三種常見的光譜測量設備, 然而,這些名稱經常被互換使用並因而導致誤解。因此,我們覺得有必要在這篇文章中討論這些設備及其名稱之間的區別,協助讀者們釐清觀念。

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