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United Power Research Technology Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “UPRtek”) hereby warrants that during the product warranty period, in the event that a product is not able to operate normally or if there is a reduction or loss in the customary functionality or contractually agreed upon functionality of the product (hereinafter referred to as “Defective Products”), UPRtek shall, in accordance with the terms of this Product Warranty, repair or replace with products of a similar grade to serve our customers.

Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

General warranty terms and conditions: UPRtek provides replacement or repair services to our customers for Defective Products within the valid warranty period.

1. DOA (Dead on Arrival) Returns:
In the event that the customer receives a Defective Product or discovers that accessories are missing within 7 days after purchase of the product, upon confirmation by the original purchase store and immediate notification to UPRtek service staff, the customer should leave his/her contact information so that UPRtek can process and issue a RMA number accordingly to the customer. For products considered as “Dead on Arrival” within 7 days of purchase, UPRtek will replace with a new product in exchange for the Defective Product.

After receiving the RMA number, DOA products must be returned within 30 days. For international customers outside Taiwan, if more than 30 days of logistics time is required, please notify in advance.

Remark: The product must be returned in a complete package with no missing parts or scratches on the surface of the product, unless missing accessories was discovered upon receipt.  In the event that any of the aforementioned situation or other abnormal conditions exist, UPRtek reserves the right to make the final determination concerning new product replacement.

2. Warranty Repair Service:

If a Defective Product is found after the 7-day period for exchange of new products, it will be regarded as a general RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) service. When returning the product to UPRtek for repair, please email, fax or telephone the service staff first and apply for the RMA number, and then send the product back together to UPRtek for repair services.

After the product is received by UPRtek, UPRtek’s internal engineering staff shall first conduct a basic inspection to confirm the cause of the defect in the product. If it is determined that the product is a Defective Product within the warranty period, it will be handled in accordance with the general maintenance process. However, if after inspection, the engineer determines that the product is not a Defective Product, and the product failure is caused by human factors, normal wear and tear or other factors, this warranty service is not applicable. UPRtek will test the product according to the principle of good faith and UPRtek shall have the right to make determinations on whether the product is a Defective Product in its absolute discretion.

Remark: To avoid damages that may be caused during the course of shipment, we strongly recommend that an international courier service be used as the logistics solution and that the product be carefully protected. This warranty service shall not apply to any damages caused during the course of shipment.

Customers Eligible for Warranty Service

UPRtek warranty policy only applies to the customers who purchased from either UPRtek or through authorized agents of UPRtek.

Limitation of Warranty

Please note that this warranty service is not applicable if the product failure is caused by non-natural or external factors, such as the following events:

1. Damage caused by natural calamity or any inappropriate usage which is not caused by the product itself.
2. Product has been repaired or taken apart by technicians not authorized by UPRtek.
3. The warranty label is altered, damaged or missing.
4. Product serial number does not conform to our original system or the label has been damaged or unclear.
5. Product is damaged by normal wear and tear.


UPRtek shall in no event be liable for any defect or damage that has occurred during the delivery of in-warranty products. Prior to claiming warranty service, UPRtek recommends that you remove the storage device from in-warranty products for your safekeeping and carefully package and transport in-warranty products.

To the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, UPRtek shall not be responsible for any compensation arising from any business loss, expected cost loss, data disappearance, or any other indirect, accidental, or derived loss or damages due to the utilization of or related to UPRtek products.

Customers Eligible for Warranty Service
UPRtek warranty policy applies to all customers who purchased from either UPRtek or through authorized agents of UPRtek.

Duration of Warranty

  1. Handheld Spectrometer product:

UPRtek’s Handheld Spectrometer products all come with a 3-year product warranty.  UPRtek shall provide a warranty card to the Customer.  During the 3-year warranty period, the Customer shall be entitled to one free calibration.

  1. Portable Spectroradiometers product:

UPRtek’s Portable Spectroradiometers all come with a 1-year product warranty.

  1. Cinema Light Color Solutions:

UPRtek’s Cinema Light Color solutions all come with a 1-year product warranty.  UPRtek shall provide a warranty card to the Customer.  During the 1-year period, the Customer shall be entitled to one free calibration.

  1. Accessories:

This warranty service does not cover accessories and consumable items, such as tripods, straps and batteries.

Authorized Distributor/ Dealer Services

The authorized distributors and dealers can assist customers in receiving UPRtek’s Handheld spectrometer products and Cinema Light Color Solutions for basic inspection and determining whether the product needs to be returned to UPRtek for further calibration services
Authorized distributors/ dealers are listed on our website: www.uprtek.com

The service fee for basic inspection services shall be pursuant to UPRtek’s announcement.

Additional Remarks

Product parts and components are not always manufactured by UPRtek. In this case, UPRtek assures customers that it will fulfill its repair and replacement responsibilities by using substitute parts or components of equal level and quality.

Warranty Methods
Consumers may choose either of the two methods indicated below to return the product to the factory for RMA Service or calibration:
Customers may send the products through UPRtek’s global authorized distributors and dealers that will receive and return the products to UPRtek for repair and warranty service or calibration.
Customers may return the product directly to the UPRtek factory for service.


UPRtek email contact: sales@uprtek.com

Service for Product Repairs after Warranty Period
In case of product defects after warranty expiration, the customers are still able to send products back to the UPRtek for repair service through the above warranty methods. The repair charges will be based on the type of defect.

However, in the event that the service repair engineer determines any of the following conditions exist, purchasing a new product is advised:

  1. The Product or its accessories are no longer available.
  2. The functionality of the equipment can no longer be restored to normal.

UPRtek EOL Products Supported for Repair

Typical Timing of EOS (End of Support). Five (5) years after EOL (End of Life).
During 5 years of EOL ,UPRtek will retain product parts and provide repair services. Terms of payment are to be arranged. Fees include all, not only parts costs, repair service fees, and shipping charges listed here.
During the EOL period, if customers modify the device or UPRtek lacks the components, we won’t provide repair services anymore.
After EOS Date, UPRtek will no longer accept all after-service such as repairs, inspections, calibrations, firmware and software updates, etc.
We suggest customers to early confirm the situation of device for repair and get alternative evaluation within 3 months before EOS Date.

UPRtek EOL & EOS Products List