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General Videos

【UPRtek Unbox】Strap Installation

UPRtek the handheld spectrometer manufacturer, the most famous MK350 series products are differentiated by functionality, use and size for lighting measurement. PG100N was made especially for grow lights, CV600 was designed for cinema industrial, and MF250N created for health and safety measurement regarding Flicker issues.

Users may find a cap strap and neck strap inside the package, this video is going to show you how to install them for your handheld spectrometer and hope this video explained well for your reference.

【UPRtek Unbox】Tripod Bracket

UPRtek spectrometer users will find a tripod bracket inside the package, you may use it to fix the handheld spectrometer on the tripod, and measure light via Wing Pack WiFi wireless facilities to increase your efficient at work.

UPRtek handheld spectrometer is able to capture and record. Besides, compare the data is one of the greatest advantages for researchers gathering information for thesis projects and product research. Users may use this tripod bracket to setup the measurement environment and make the work easier.

This video is showing how to install the tripod bracket.

【UPRtek Unbox】Wing WiFi Card Connection

UPRtek handheld spectrometer users may find a “Wing WiFi SD card” inside the package, which is a built-in WiFi device. It is work togather with the FREE uSpectrum smart device APP (download from APP Store/Google Play) to control your handheld spectrometer from a distance, using familiar tablet and cell phone touch screen manipulation.

This video takes you through the Wing WiFi card connection for measurement and Internet WiFi connection for sharing the result, hope this video explained well for your reference.

【UPRtek Unbox】Wing File Setup – Naming/Search/Delete

This video shows all about files from uSpectrum APP measureent. You will learn how to save the file, naming the file, search the history files and delete files.

Save: The Save icon allows you to save all the data pertaining to the current measurement.

Naming: You can go to the Tool icon to set either “auto file name” generation or “manual file name” input.

Search: Users can recall data saved previously to your Smart Device by clicking the “Files” item in the upper left corner.

Delete: You can swipe left to reveal the delete record button.

We hope this video explained well for your reference.

【UPRtek Unbox】uSpectrum APP – Main Screen and Tool Introduction

This video is introducing the main screen and Tools of the uSpectrum APP. Users may use the APP customize the BASIC list, execute DARK calibration and check the status of the spectrometer.

There are some more features such as Tip icon simply brings up a “Basic List” pop-up on the current Chart screen (i.e. CIE 1931, CIE 1976, Spectrum etc.), and Time Synchronization option when set to “Yes”, it syncs the spectrometer date/time to the Smart Device date/time.

We hope this video explained well for your reference.

Color Genius

Color Genius Series

Color Genius Series

The portable CG01 Color Genius is used to color calibrate LED lights during the manufacturing process, to improve the consistency in color performance and behavior before shipment. It’s for manufacturers of Cinema and Stage LED Lights, which use mixed RGBW values to derive their colors.  It addresses the problem of subtle color differences that lighting directors notice in LED lights when setting up for a film shoot or stage performance.

** This product is designed for manufacturers of Cinema and Stage LED Lighting

Handheld Spectrometers

MK350 Series

MK350 Series

MK350N PLUS is the LED meter for LED Manufacturer. It included more than 40 light measurement units such as CCT, CRI, CIE1931/1976, LUX, TLCI and others. Assist you to discover new business opportunities on innovation and green LED technology. It is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture.

MK350S Premium

UPRtek MK350S Premium Spectrometer

The MK350S Premium is a full-featured Handheld Spectrometer used  by top-tier Lighting Professionals, whose customer base and project scopes are wide ranging, with varying requirements in light measurement and problem solving.

That being said, the MK350S Premium is designed to tackle almost any lighting situation that comes your way, including:

  • LED Manufacturing
  • Public Lighting Safety
  • Lighting Design
  • Academics & Research
  • Grow Lights and Indoor Agriculture

【UPRtek Unbox】MK350S Premium

UPRtek is well known at making handheld lighting measuring equipment to gauge light quality. UPRtek handheld spectrometers are lightweight, easy to carry and cost-effective. The MK350 series handheld spectrometers are distributing world widely.

MK350S Premium is the upgraded product of MK350S Advance, the new Flicker sensor, additional JIS and DIN verification provides precision light measurement outside the confines of laboratory space and into our everyday working and living environments.

This video is an unboxing of MK350S Premium.

Color Navigator

MK350N Premium

UPRtek MK350N Premium Spectrometer

MK350N PLUS is the LED meter for LED Manufacturer. It included more than 40 light measurement units such as CCT, CRI, CIE1931/1976, LUX, TLCI and others. Assist you to discover new business opportunities on innovation and green LED technology. It is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture.

【UPRtek Unbox】MK350N Premium

2017 UPRtek released MK350N Premium Handheld Spectrometer for commercial lighting, lighting designers and so on. It helps you to make sure that you get the best quality of light.

The light meter MK350N Premium with flicker sensor is the basic model for lighting expert, you may measure more than 40 lighting measurement units, such as CCT, CRI, LUX, CIE1931 x,y, CIE1976 u'v' and so on.

New Functions:
TM30-15, Flicker, Frequency and Compare Mode.

MK350D Compact Spectrometer

UPRtek MK350D Compact Spectrometer

MK350D Compact is for users who just need a simple product with basic measurements essentials.  And yet the measurement needs to be accurate and up to the scrutiny of global standards.   

It’s the smallest standalone professional spectral meter product on the market.  It’s ultra easy to carry, but back at the office you can connect up to PCs for large screen full color views and data export.

  • 90 x 30 x 32.2 mm (HxWxD), Weight 70g
  • Flicker and Blue Light Hazard
  • MicroSD Card for data export
  • Mobile & PC Connectivity (Bluetooth)

CV600 Spectral Color Meter

UPRtek CV600 Spectral Color Meter

Lighting setup for Cinema and Stage performance is tedious,  time consuming and visually exhausting.  Spectrometers are used in the industry to bring objectivity, efficiency and relief to an all too subjective, imperfect task.

CV600 focuses on performance lighting with all the tools so that lighting crews can assess/adjust color fidelity, purchase better lights, recall lighting setup from previous performances and make better overall choices about light.

  • Spectrum and CCT measurement
  • SSI and TLCI Color Rendering Indicies
  • Flicker Checker
  • Gel Finder
  • Exposure Meter

PG200N Spectral PAR Meter

UPRtek PG200N Spectral PAR Meter

The PG200N is a Spectral PAR meter used to measure the quantity and quality of light for a new generation of indoor farmers who use artificial lighting as a substitute or complement to sunlight.

Light is formless and hard to measure.  And yet, as an indoor farmer, it’s a crucial to get your lighting right; quantity, intensity, color and duration (diurnal and seasonal rhythms).  These are the data components of sunlight that are the challenges of artificial lighting to emulate.

A PAR meter can provide you reliable measurement with comprehensive data tools to help you collect, analyze, and evaluate light data to help you understand your light-to-plant relationship and assist you in making better decisions for your business.

EOL Spectrometers


UPRtek MF250N Flicker Meter

MF250N Handheld Spectral Flicker Meter-The 1st Handheld Flicker Meter with spectral technology. It is also a FFT Spectrum Analyzer, Light wave Meter and Frequency Analyzer. It provides 3 major metrics that lighting experts use to fight Flicker and ensure the light quality.

PG100N PAR Meter


UPRtek launches "PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter" in 2017.

PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter is focused on achieving the demands of agricultural field. UPRtek commits to combine the interactive system with plant growth factories which utilize the spectrum, PPFD, PFD, auto-monitoring, advanced storage technology and others to offer the analysis report for users to understand the ambient light requirement of plant growth, timely adjust the artificial light source to make sure the efficiency of the agricultural production, safty, achieve a scientific, intelligent agricultural environment.

MK350S Advanced

UPRtek MK350S Advanced Spectrometer

Advanced MK350S the 1st handheld Spectrometer cross to muti-industrials. It had more than 40 light measurement units which are CCT, LUX, CRI, CIE1976, CIE1931,PPF, CQS, Duv, LambdaP, S/P ratio, TLCI, GAI… No matter for RD lighting designers, lighting manufactory and quality control, interior light designers, horticulture measurement, cinematographer and health prevention…and so on.MK350S is designed to meet the needs of all users.

MK350N Basic

UPRtek MK350N Basic Spectrometer

MK350N Spectrometer is the first portable LED Meter which can be used without a computer for evaluation of artificial light sources, such as LED, OLED and others. In addition, it can easily measure CCT, CRI, CIE1931/1976 and spectrum distribution and others. It is a Spectrum Analyzer and LED Meter for LED manufacture.

MK350N Plus

UPRtek MK350N Plus Spectrometer

MK350N PLUS is the LED meter for LED Manufacturer. It included more than 40 light measurement units such as CCT, CRI, CIE1931/1976, LUX, TLCI and others. Assist you to discover new business opportunities on innovation and green LED technology. It is a Spectrum Analyzer, LED Meter and Flicker Meter for LED manufacture.