Spectrometer Application

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The design concept of UPRtek handheld spectrometer is mainly focus on lightweight and intuitive design, you may use it standalone, no computer connection needed and check the measurement data immediately. You can also process wireless control measurement through the application of smart devices. UPRtek wishes to provide a handheld spectrometer with high flexibility for different kind of places, different use purposes and different usage scenarios to help you work more efficiently.

Flicker Measuring

Flicker Problems, Flicker Measurement, Flicker Effects

Flicker is the problem certain lights have, exhibiting a subtle pulsating or strobing effect, most of the time barely noticeable by the human eye - however, more organizations are paying attention to flicker because it is being implicated in triggering a host of health related issues

Blue Light Measuring

Blu-ray Use, Blue Light Problems, Blu-ray Effects

Much has been discussed about harmful "Blue Light", which refers to the visible blue region from 400nm - 450nm (shorter wavelength region of blue). It is also referred to HEV (High-energy visible) light and is under suspicion of causing cell damage in the retina and Age-

Spectrum Measuring

Spectrum and Wavelength Measurements, Spectral Analysis, Light Source Spectral Type Check

Since 2011, UPRtek has been doing the research in spectrum field. In recent years, there are more and more spectrum experts entering to spectrum research field too. What is so special about it so that many people began to put efforts on? According to Wikipedia, each

LOG Measuring

LED Continuous Measurement and Inspection, Long Time Light Measurement, Continuous Measurement and Research

Are you an expert of lighting research and application? If you are now analyzing light, we believe measuring the light data for a long time and checking the light deviation are necessary. After all, it is possible to make a good quality control and then reach the major purpose -

Surface Color Measuring

Surface Color Research, Surface Color Comparison, Color Consistency Check

In a room without any light source, can you see the color of the apple that someone just passed it to you? In this simple test, we realized that in the absence of light environment, human vision cannot play a role and has no ability to judge colors. That is "Without light there is

Light Wave Measuring

LED Light Wave Measurement, Wave Fast Fourier Transform Measurement, Light Source Wave Intensity Measurement

Suspicions about the adverse effects from flicker (visible and non-visible) have been around ever since fluorescent lighting was incorporated into the work place (around the 1950s). The effects of flicker have been well studied and include, but are not limited to,