Portable Spectroradiometers

Spectroradiometers give an assist to manufacturers

UPRtek spectroradiometers boost panel manufacturer QC versatility and flexibility.

MD100N Desktop Spectroradiometer

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Here you can find our UPRtek Portable Spectroradiometers

MD100N Desktop Spectroradiometer

MD100N Desktop Spectroradiometer

The MD100N is a spectroradiometer that is cost-effective, with fast measurement times, and a focus on Laboratory-level precision. It can be used by manufacturers, OEM/ODM companies of any size and allows much more flexibility and versatility in Quality Control.

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Handbook Series

The Flicker Handbook

Everything thing you need to know about Flicker, an insidious, potentially serious lighting artifact impacting visual safety for public places like hospitals, offices, libraries, and more...

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About UPRtek

United Power Research and Technology

UPRtek (est. 2010) is a manufacturer of portable, high-precision light measurement instruments; Handheld Spectrometers, PAR meters, Spectroradiometers, Light Calibration Solutions.

UPRtek HQ, R&D and manufacturing are all based out of Taiwan, with Worldwide representation through our certified Global Resellers.

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Medical Setting using LED or Fluorescent Lights

What is a Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer, Spectroradiometer?

In the realm of spectral devices, three devices stand out: a Spectrometer, a Spectrophotometer, and a Spectroradiometer. However, these terms have been so interchangeably used that we felt obligated to clarify their differences in one short article.

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