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What is TM-30-15 (TM-30-18), and should I use it?

What is TM-30-15 (TM-30-18), and should I use it?

TM-30-15 is a color rendering index system published by IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).  A color rendering index system indicates how well a light, when shining on objects, can reproduce the object’s color accurately (compared to a black body radiator – e.g., the sun).  TM-30-15 is next in a line of predecessor CRI systems (CIE CRI, GAI, CQS), each intended to improve on previous designs.  In this article, we explain TM-30-15, its advantages, and why it’s important.

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What is CRI (Color Rendering Index)?

What is CRI (Color Rendering Index)?

What is CRI (Color Rendering Index)? It is a metric used to measure the ability of a light to bring out colors in objects (i.e. Color Rendering). Lights with a high CRI rating can make store products look brilliant and vibrant. Other lights with low CRI ratings will make the same products drab and lifeless.

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Handbook Series

The Grow Light Handbook

Everything thing you need to know to get started on Indoor Farming, PAR meters, and Grow Lights  – history, industry, vertical farming, PPFD, types of lights, photosynthesis and more!

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About UPRtek

United Power Research and Technology

UPRtek (est. 2010) is a manufacturer of portable, high-precision light measurement instruments; Handheld Spectrometers, PAR meters, Spectroradiometers, Light Calibration Solutions.

UPRtek HQ, R&D and manufacturing are all based out of Taiwan, with Worldwide representation through our certified Global Resellers.

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UPRtek's partner in China, Quelighting Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, and Plant Growth Chamber Manufacturer Ningbo Jiangnan Instrument Factory will attend the 30th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR ) which is being held on June 16-21 at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

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