Spectrometer Application – LOG Measuring

Are you an expert of lighting research and application? If you are now analyzing light, we believe measuring the light data for a long time and checking the light deviation are necessary. After all, it is possible to make a good quality control and then reach the major purpose – bring benefit to human life!

UPRtek designed and produced handheld spectrometer is not only providing you the light measurement data you needed, but also expending application functions, LOG measurement – continues measuring – is one of it, which was designed especially for research and analysis. Let’s take an example, the LOGGING Mode from PG100N PAR Meter, was used for plants factory to measure the adjustable LED light, users are researching and monitoring the LED light color and its ratio in order to find the best light for plant growth and increase the harvest.

Different Light Sources and Colors Affect the Shape of the Plant

If ever you tried to grow plants, you must know they are very sensitive to the environment; nutrients, humidity, water, CO2, temperature and also light. You can see, from tests performed (right) how different light types and color characteristics can really make a difference in growth and shape size. This is called potomorphogenesis or how different lights, their colors, color ratios and quantity can drive the shape of a plant. But what exactly is the perfect ratio for plants? There are no fast and easy answers as these factors vary with plant type.


Plant Growth Light Measurement Experiment

One of UPRtek’s customers Taiwan HiPoint Corporation (http://www.twhipoint.com), one of their products is to research, development and manufacture plant growth chambers. Here is one of the recipes for growing lettuce using artificial light sources. They use UPRtek handheld PAR Meter LOG mode to measure and collect data for this long-term experiment on plant growth. You may try this light source recipe and plant by yourself.


Artificial Light Source Recipe for Lettuce
Example recipe for lettuce … (total process is about 6 weeks)
♣ LED distance from plant 30-50 cm
♣ Light Quantity: 250-280 PPFD
♣ 16 hours light / 8 hours dark
♣ Sowing to nursery: 10-14 days.
♣ Plant to harvest: 28 days


uSpectrum Spectrum Application Software

Users may process continues measurement on handheld spectrometer directly, besides, UPRtek also developed a free uSpectrum PC Software, LOG mode will be an excellent tool for you to collect the measuring data. As you wish, you may setup how many data, how long and what is the interval of each measurement you want to get.


Multiple Spectrometer Measurement Function

To save your time and increase efficiency, you may measure with MK350 spectrometer up to 16 pieces together with UPRtek uSpectrum PC Software.

UPRtek handheld spectrometers are including the free uSpectrum PC software. Even you are not yet the users, you may get the free uSpectrum PC software on download center to have further information. Besides LOG measuring function, users may make your own LED BIN chart, user CHECKER mode on the LED production line to process quality control and print reports…and so on. If you want to learn more relative information, you are welcome to email to [email protected], our sales team will be happy to give your further information.

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MK350S Premium

MK350S Premium is a Handheld Spectrometer with Muli-Functions in itself. It's not only a Spectrometer, but also can be a Quantum PAR Meter, Blue light Detector and Oscilloscope. The



PG100N Handheld Spectral PAR meter is focused on achieving the demands of agricultural field. It shows its own advantages of measuring functions ,such as spectrum, PPFD and PFD so that users