UPRtek handheld spectrometer measuring blue light

Much has been discussed about harmful “Blue Light”, which refers to the visible blue region from 400nm – 450nm (shorter wavelength region of blue). It is also referred to HEV (High-energy visible) light and is under suspicion of causing cell damage in the retina and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). For cataract patients, they need to have artificial lens replacement surgery since the lens become cloudy and causing vision loss. But, the artificial lens is not able to filter the blue light, therefore, post-cataract surgery patients are more exposed to HEV since part of the lens, which yellows with age, is removed and can no longer effectively absorb the HEV blue light. (Yellow is blue’s complement). In response to this issue, UPRtek produced handheld spectrometer covers the range of visible light, it can help you to measure the blue light energy effectively and avoid the damage caused by Blue light.



Blue Light Detection on Computer Screen

You might heard that exposure to HEV at night is also mentioned in suppressing Melatonin suppression (sleep hormone) causing sleep disorders by disrupting our circadian (24 hr) rhythms. Blue light can be found from sunlight, but anything that is designed around LEDs, TVs, Computer Monitors, Light Bulbs all have the potential of exposing you to HEV light. The UPRtek MK350 spectrometer can easily reveal HEV which is exposed around the environment on the color spectrum diagram. The image below was taken with MK350S spectrometer using the uSpectrum PC software. MK350 shows a significant reduction in HEV intensity simply by turning down the blue color tones in the monitor’s color adjustment panel. The monitor may appear distractingly yellowish at first, but your eyes will quickly get accustomed to it. Blue Light filtering products include Sunglasses that block out some of the HEV light. There is a computer monitor screen filter and even a low blue light monitor.


Is the Anti-Blue Light Product Really Effective?

Here are few examples of using MK350S Transmit Mode to learn if the anti-blue light products on the market are REALLY like what it said.


Blue Light Hazards and Measurements

According to an expert for Blue light research, he told us that when the distance closer between the light source and the human eye, the light intensity is higher, the harm from blue light is higher too. Generally speaking, whether at home or commercial area, the lighting fixtures are located more than 1 meter above from human eyes, so not necessary to worry about the hazard of blue light. The other hand, some specific use of certain occupations, such as: photography used high intensity light and dental lighting treatment … and so on, the Blue light is used in short distance between human eyes, the risk of blue light hazard is higher. You must also think of 3C electronic products that are every day used in front of your eyes. The New UPRtek MK350S Premium handheld spectrometer added IEC TR 62778 Blue Harzard Measurement, it will help you avoid blue light damage effectively.

Anti-Blue Product Video Reference

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