UPRtek Spectrum Measuring

Since 2011, UPRtek has been doing the research in spectrum field. In recent years, there are more and more spectrum experts entering to spectrum research field too. What is so special about it so that many people began to put efforts on? According to Wikipedia, each element has its own spectrum so that humans may accord the characteristics of the spectrum to identify each object. For example, an LED white light, it has a high energy in blue spectrum but lack of violet spectrum. For overall, the same batch of white LED lights, the spectrum characters will be the same. So, how can we find out the difference between the same spectral characteristics of the LED? Let’s explore the spectrum through UPRtek handheld spectrometer!



Spectrum of Common Used Light Sources – Different Light Sources have Different Spectrum

Let us check some spectrums of common light sources in our life. Did you see the differences among below 3 spectral patterns? According to the spectrum diagram, we can clearly see the difference of each type of light. Then, will the spectral pattern be the same for those lamps of same type? Let us see some of the real cases.


Halogen Spectrum Comparison

We only got 2 different brands of halogen lamp in market since people are barely using it nowadays. See the spectrum diagram below, do you find any difference?


Fluorescent Light Spectrum Comparison

We measured yellow and white light of fluorescent lamps from two brands, total 4 spectrum diagrams as shown below. No matter A or B brands, in the spectrum of yellow light, you can see the red spectrum is higher than white light. On the other hand, in the spectrum of white light, the width of blue spectrum is more than yellow lights. Do you find any difference?


LED Light Spectrum Comparison

Global warming and environmental awareness are bringing a huge demand on LEDs because it’s relatively better for eco environmental protection. We measured 4 LED brands of white and yellow lights (as below spectrum diagrams), did those spectrums help you to get any clues? Today we did not intend to judge which lamp is the best one, but after measuring those same kinds of illuminators and seeing these different spectrums, we can understand that those similar kinds of illuminators will have the similar spectral patterns.


Actual Spectrum Measurement Case

In the end, we would like to share with all our readers a fascinated spectrum which provided by an expert of marine fans, Mr Eiji Myorin. He runs a blog (http://www.1023world.net) for sharing marine and aquarium related articles. Guess, what kind of sea creatures make below spectrum? Mr. Eiji Myorin put waterproof cover on his spectrometer before he dived into the sea and here is the spectrum from a squid. So special, isn’t it?

Remark: Wikipedia resource

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